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Asking for prayer for my little grand daughter

My little grand daughter Issa, has the what seems to be a stomach flu but it has gone on awhile longer than I'd expect.

I would ask for prayer for her.
I called her Dad urging a dr. appointment. Waiting to see if he gets back with me to take her to the doctor.

She has been quite sick and lost a lot of weight this week and doesn't seem to be improving like I would
think but listless and resting.

She did have an ice pop and held it down, and a tiny pancake which made her tummy hurt and she just laid in my arms.
So waiting on a drs. appointment to see what is going on, but please lift in prayer. Thank you.
Lord Jesus I bring this much loved grand-daughter before you as I pray. I ask you Lord to minister to her by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit. Touch her now Lord, this very day.....and make well again
Glad to pray for the health of your grandchild.
Thank you so much for the prayers. I deeply appreciate them.

She is going to the drs. tomorrow.
She was listless most of the day but the dr. had said children might take awhile to recup, via the phone.

She threw up tonight so she is going to go in to be looked at in the morning.

I am thankful. After the bout with throwing up, she seemed to feel alot better.

My concern is the listless, the weight loss and that she is three.

So I am very thankful to our Lord that she will be able to go in to be seen with a check up on this tummy flu,
and she is managing a ice pop again tonight, and felt better.
I thank the Lord. And pray He help her be on the mend quickly now.
Thank you for the prayers.

I thank the Lord.
Staff Member
Praying dear sister @dailywalk

Believing in Him who is mighty to heal
And in Him who answers prayer

Lifting your grand daughter before the throne of grace

Be not afraid, only believe
Mark 5:36
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Thank you so much for your prayers.
Issa went to the dr. this morning and I am very thankful that it was said that though adults may get over a virus in a few days, it is not abnormal for little ones to take up to three weeks.
They took tests.
I am looking to the Lord for her healing and care.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
I am so very thankful.
To have had her looked at, that she has held down some banana and an ice pop this morning.
I am very thankful to our Lord.

She is on a mild 1/2 hour to hour diet of banana, applesauce, rice and dry toast. And she was throwing up still, but has held for two hours and I am thankful.
She is not out of it, and is talking, and watching kids shows and resting. Thank you all.
I thank the Lord!
Thank you so much for your prayers.
I thank the Lord so very much. I am so relieved.
Staff Member
Praise the Lord!

Thank you for the update @dailywalk

May little Issa continue to get better and stronger
Full restoration to health is our prayer

Tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee
Mark 5:19
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Thank you for your prayers, thank you!

I thank the Lord for His kind care and He has done this.
Issa is still resting, but able to eat her applesauce and banana yesterday with no throwing up, and last night
had a bit of dinner and some vegs without any difficulty.
She is on a restricted diet, but is sitting up, got up yesterday, and was altogether in a different place.
I'm still looking to the Lord for healing for her, but this is a huge difference and we are very, very relieved and very thankful to the Lord
for His great kindness and bringing her through and healing her. I thank the Lord.
Again, thank you all for your prayers.
Very thankful that my grand daugher is on the mend and ate a plate of pancakes this morning, the first real breakfast since she was ill.
Tired and recovering, but now eating. I am thankful.
Thank You, Lord!!!

Thank you all for your prayers.
in mathew it talks about the diciples wanting to know who the most important in heaven will be..for an answer Christ pulled a child out of the crowd and set it at his feet and said BEHOLD.!! powerful stuff there .! youre grand child is the most important in heaven and i have no doubt that God is using this child for His Glory ,,may healing be swift ,may rest be hers and may peace be youres in this time ..Rev

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