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Ask the LORD to break my chains

I was baptised in December 2004 - and the light of Christ shone into my heart. However I have sinned again against God and now I find it harder to feel His Spirit near me. I have confessed my sins and pray for deliverance but still like an addiction I seem to do the things which push Him away from me. I have been going out to clubs, smoking marijuana, looking at pornography and started smoking cigarettes again. I have tasted God and know that He is good, I now long to walk in His righteousness once more, I know it is all or nothing for Jesus - and I want it to be all. - Please pray that the enemy does not choke out the light of His Word in me.

I also have an itchy rash that is driving me crazy right now, I have taken cream from my doctor - I had been praying about it and thought that the doctors cream was the solution the LORD had given me - but it has only made it worse.

Thankyou for your time & God bless you all ! :love:
I hope I can STAND and pray for you one day too :) !
Love, Trust and Patience

:rose: Hi. Sounds like you are going through some really troubled times. The good news is, that you are still seeking the Lord. That means that He wants you. I know what the bar scene and addictions are like. Tough stuff, but Jesus even walks through all of this with you and as your servant, He walks beneath you. Imagine that. Through your worst turmoil, He goes through it even more.
Keep staying in touch with Christians and remember that it is always "seek the Lord first". He is so loving and quick to forgive. He even had mercy on "unclean spirits" and sent them into the swine. You are even greater than an unclean spirit.
Try and stay with it this time and remember to seek the Lord first. He will be with you and carry you.
Find a church that will carry you in your times of need. Have patience and know that the Lord will lift you up, you are a wounded and lost sheep. Have trust and know of His great mercy and forgiveness. Forgive all who have hurt you. And love others, even at their worst. Jesus is your very best friend and Brother of all brothers.
Keep praying for yourself and others and keep in touch with anyone that is Christian.

God bless you in your struggle. May it bring you all the more close to our King, our God, Jesus. Amen :rose:
I pray that the Lord will send you some christian friends to fellowship with. Do you go to a local church or bible study?

The word says that even if we fall the Lord will pick us up with His mighty right hand.

Keep your eyes on Him and accept His forgiveness.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:


ok hey dunkkain05

like the enemy cant do nuthin that if we dont allow him to yeah? the bible says that we have althority over the enemy yeah cuz jesus gave it to us using his name.

but also, i do drink loads to and find it hard to stop. so i will pray for you also and i will remember because i am trying not to also ok

Dear god. you are a dad yeah and a dad who looks after his kids yeah? so please help dunkkain like a dad would. but especaly a perfect dad who loves people more than a real dad would.

help him to know that he is on the best side and that he has choices to like i do. Please help him to know where hes at.
I'm remembering you in my prayers, keep going strong, keep seeking the Lord! God bless!
Stay Real
Dear Brother,

Our God forgives all who repent.We are all imperfect and strive to live our witness. Trust Jesus to save you and when you are down let Him know, speak to Him - He will answer. God Bless.