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As You Make Your Plans

Discussion in 'Devotionals' started by Christ4Ever, May 11, 2018.

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  1. Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

    If you’ve ever been involved in planning for a new project or a new direction at work, you know that there’s one all-important step you need to take before those plans can become a reality: your managers or bosses need to sign off on it. Without their approval, you’re likely to run into serious problems.

    The same thing can be said for the Christian who wants to launch out into some kind of new ministry, professional, or personal endeavor. In today’s verse, Solomon offers a great bit of wisdom when it comes to planning. The best kind of planning, he tells you, starts with committing your vision for something to your ultimate Boss, your heavenly Father, and continues as you allow Him to give ongoing direction.

    Many seemingly great plans—even plans for what looked like a God-appointed ministry—have failed because those with the vision didn’t first submit their work to God.

    Planning is an important part, a bedrock, in fact, of all great and important things you do. It’s simply not a good idea to launch out on some new endeavor without it. So by all means plan, but as you make your plans, don’t forget to submit what you’re thinking about doing to God for His approval and His direction.

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