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As Christians, do our regrets ever fade away completely?

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I know that if we sincerely confess our sins God will always forgive us.

My question is!

Does the regret we carry because of our wrongdoings and sins ever fade completely?

In my case, regret continues on and on, as a significant burden in my life?

That's a good question.

I wonder how God would like us to live with all the stupid and wrong things that each of us has as part of our personal history.

To be completely unconcerned about the damage that we've caused to others and ourselves doesn't seem to me to be Christlike.

And to be foever weighed down by regrets seems to falling short of the freedom that Jesus offers.

Could it be that our regrets are redeemed - the things we've done wrong are always there, but we allow God to use them, transform our character, and bring something good from evil?

And of course we need to learn to accept forgiveness as well as to seek it.
Now if we are talking about sins we have committed since we have become Christians. God forgives us. Now we must remember “ when we as Christians commit a sin, it hurts us not God. That is one of the reason God warns us not to sin. We are not condemn to damnation. Be not deceived the wages of sin is death! Sin hurts Christians in more ways than one! If you stick your hands in fire, you are going to get burnt! You are “Saints” not “Superwomen” or “Superman”! You can believe Satan lie if you want to, you better go home, to your own husband!
I know for sure “sins” leaves scars. I don’t really know about “Regrets”. And old fleshy scars and injuries still flares up every now and then.my past do sins do too.
So I try to sin less than possible, my dreams. Are peaceful and sweet and my sleep comes quick. Sinless days produce peaceful sleeps.