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Are You Unlike Amnon?

Staff Member
But Amnon wouldn't listen to her, and since he was stronger than she was, he raped her. Then suddenly Amnon's love turned to hate, and he hated her even more than he had loved her. "Get out of here!" he snarled at her. 2 Samuel 13:14-15 NLT

In biblical times, men didn’t have to deal with pornography. Then again, wrestling with powerful sexual desires was nothing new to them.

Amnon was a man driven by selfish, dark desires. True love gives and pleases. Lust consumes and destroys. Amnon wanted Tamar, but not as a cherished wife. Instead, he wanted her for what he could experience in the moment. Having gained the sexual experience he craved, he found the taste bitter and repulsive.

Amnon was not simply another sexual addict. Like any other man, he had a choice to forsake lust and pursue love. Even in the midst of his passion, he still could have chosen the way of love by heeding Tamar’s pleas of reason. Instead, he chose the cruel path of rape. As a result, Amnon left Tamar desolate and made himself a target of an enraged brother’s revenge.

The pursuit of dark lust always leads to destructive ends. Broken lives and broken spirits lie strewn in its path. In the end, it never delivers what it promises.

Prayer: Lord, You want me to experience true sexual satisfaction only within marriage. I agree.

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