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Are you like Sarah?

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The LORD kept his word and did for Sarah exactly what he had promised. Genesis 21:1 NLT

It isn’t always easy to believe the fantastic promises of God.

For years Sarah had heard about the promised blessings to Abraham and his descendants. Tired of waiting, Sarah had even tried to hurry along the process herself by seeking a surrogate son. All she got for her trouble was more sorrow, distress, and pain.

As each year passed, perhaps Sarah felt less and less a part of God’s plan.

Finally, God stepped through the curtain to reaffirm His promise to Abraham and to remind Sarah that she herself would be the mother of this blessed people. Even Abraham, who had taken a knife to his own flesh to show that he accepted God’s covenant, laughed to think Sarah could mother a child. No wonder Sarah laughed too when she heard the angels predict her coming pregnancy.

As the baby grew within Sarah, God gave her plenty of time for her faith to grow as well. “How could it be?” became “Come, laugh and rejoice with me!” Part of Sarah still couldn’t grasp what a marvelous thing God had done. A baby born from her own body. The promised son of Abraham.

Laughter of disbelief became laughter of delight!

Prayer: Lord, transform me. Like Sarah, I know You will always keep Your promises.
We Do have the promise of heaven in our future if we're born again believers -- but while we're still here on earth. Well -- all we have for Certain is today. Our daily choices. Are They positive or negative.

Sarah was looking from the human perspective of being old and past child-bearing years. She did have the culturally accepted practice to fall back on. So -- the question could be -- when God's Word promises something that goes Against cultural norm -- what do we decide.

We Can look back at the promises God Has kept. We trusted Then -- why not Now. Because sometimes 'we' need constant reassurance.

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