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Are You Faithful?

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For I have kept the ways of the LORD; I have not turned from my God to follow evil. Psalm 18:21 NLT

Every winter sport has longstanding traditions, guidelines, and rules.

When it comes to cross-country skiing in Minnesota, make sure you buy a ski pass so you can ski on groomed trails in state parks or state forests, and on state or grant-in-aid trails. Sign your ski pass and be sure to carry it with you every time you go skiing.

When it comes to ice fishing in Idaho, make sure you have a current fishing license, cut a hole no more than ten inches in diameter, use no more than five fishing poles, and add no more than five hooks per line.

So what’s required when it comes to the winter sport of staying faithful to the Lord your God? It’s easy to start the year with the best of intentions. Don’t quit now!

One purpose of this book is to encourage you to use Barbour’s popular “Read Thru the Bible in a Year Plan.” Miss fifteen minutes of sleep if necessary, but don’t miss feasting on three portions of God’s Word daily.

Do this and you’ll enjoy more of God’s blessings in more areas of your life than you ever thought possible!

Prayer: Lord, transform me. May this be the year that I read the whole Bible. This week, help me to catch up on my readings in Genesis, Matthew, and Psalms.

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