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Are we the last generation before YASHAYAH CHRIST returns? It's like it was in the days of NOE!

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Are we the last generation before YASHAYAH CHRIST returns?
It's like it was in the days of NOE!
It doesn't matter, It either happens in your day or it doesn't. You best be prepared either way! When you die, it is good bet that you enter the Spirit World where there is no time or space as we know it......are you ready?
some say the churches in the book of revelations also are the history of time periods, and we are now in the last church period the church Laodicea .

Dave M,
Good input, just wanted people to share scriptures, views, and thoughts.



Are we the last generation before YASHAYAH CHRIST returns?
It's like it was in the days of NOE!
1) I dont (and nobody should) know when Jesus comes. Every century people thought that they were in ther laste days. And actually we are in the laste days. From when John wrote his epistles "there were many Antichrists" and from when Paul wrote "we that we will be alive when the Lord comes" till today ,we are "in the last days". :smile: Normally (according to scripture) we are in the last time all those years but we enjoy the grace of God that "he dont want some of us to be lost"!!!! Personaly i think that many prophesies for the actual end time are already in fulfilment and we are very near!
2) Now i want to tell you that the name of God is Jesus. God gave His name to the Son (the man Jesus Christ) ."For God was in Christ reconcile the world with Himself" . "All the fullness of deity dwells in Christ in bodily form" for "He is the express image of the invisible God" .
Christ sends His Spirit in us and so Jesus is in us .as scripture said "Now the Lord is that Spirit" and we know that "there is inly one Spirit" and "one Lord".
Anyway i hope you allready knew this :smile: But the name if God in the Old Testament was "I am who I am" and they never pronunce it. Instict they were reading Adonai (Lord).
1)we dont know if the tetragramaton (4 letters) are the name of God or just a symbol.
2) We dont know the real characters Moses wrote the name ,because the Ancient Hebrew were much more diferent than the 300 B.C Hebrew and from the Christ years Hebrew form and of course than Aramaic. The re is an evidence that the Archaic Hebrew was common with Greek and maybe came from the same source ! (also keep in mind that the years Moses wrote ,propably were not even exist letters as we know today but Hieroglyphs .
3) The Hebrew or Aramaic Jesus spoke were the language that came from Ancient Hebrew and Babylonian language!!!!!!! Is very pottibly the names "Jeshua,Joshua,Jachasa,yASHAYAH,Jeshahjah,yahwaw" etc that 1)dont mean nothing or 2) Being Babylonian names and gods...!?
4) The most ancient translation from the name is Jesus , from the Greek IESOUS. the letter J is not an evil letter :smile: It is just the greek I translated to Latin.
5) God was now a Jew ,neither speak only one language, neither Scripture ever said that God formed one special language (other than the Spirit Language of Scripture) .
6) Jesus means Lord (יהוה is Salvation) and He is also :I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending,The "the Lord (ADONAI), which is (YHWH O ON ), and which was(O IN), and which is to come,(O ERCHOMENOS) the Almighty. " AMEN!
These people today are the true worshippers of God in these last days.
Revelation 12:17 and 14:12
It is very akin to the days of Noe. Think Noe is Greek for Noah. I really believe that we are the last generation.

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