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Are we ready?

I don't know but this
morning the Spirit of God is telling me and u to
remind ourselves about our Stand in Him.

How prepared are u and i for the second coming of our
Lord Jesus. Let us assume the Lord should appear now
to take up His own. Are we sure to join them that He
will take along?

Let us live our lives as Christ will come today. Let
us live our lives as Christ will come in the next
second or minute, then we can be sure of our salvation
and receive Him with gladness of heart.

And if we are ready, what account are we going to give
God for the works we have done for him. Always it is
about "God has done this for me, or God do this for
me" the question should be "what have i done for him
since i accepted the Lord into my life" How many
souls have i won for Him or how many people have i
talked to about His second coming? Let us all ponder
over this and reconsider our walk with the Lord.
Obedience is better than sacrifice, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, pro-active vrs. re-active, preventive maintenance is SMART. Amen all4christ.

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