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Are USB devices satanic?

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Seeker Of Jesus, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Last edited: Nov 20, 2010
    A group of Brazilian Christians has condemned the computer interface because its logo, like the devil's pitchfork, is a trident.

    When i read this article i started laughing and said to myself "wow...there are some truly paranoid christians out there" I have used USB technology since i first got a computer which was 10 yrs ago, I'm sure many if not all of TJ members have used USB technology at some point in their lives. What purpose and benefit would satan have in using USB, But then again satan is clever and perhaps he is using this as a way to get this image in homes everywhere.

    I disagree with what he said: "shows that all users of that vile technology are actually worshipers of Satan." that has to be one of the most ridiculous things i've ever heard in my life and i've heard some pretty ridiculous things.

    Another thing which i find wrong is the fact that he or people in his church call him "Apostle" Welder Saldanha, Last time i checked the only apostles to ever exist were the 11 apostles chosen by Jesus (excluding judas). No humans outside of the 11 apostles can call themselves apostles, Humans today and humans that existed in the past that have chosen to follow Our Beloved Jesus are his brothers, friends, disciples. Now this paragraph here is an opinion so i might be wrong so if i am please educate me.

    One last thing is he basically says that it is ok to use bluetooth technology because Jesus's eyes were blue. can he possibly know this? First of all the bible is not specific on how he looked, all it says that "He had no form or comeliness that we should look at Him, and no beauty that we should desire Him. He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces He was despised, and we esteemed Him not" (Isaiah 53:2-3 RSV), after that there is no mention of how He looked, nor the color of His eyes. Also since Jesus ascended to heaven, there has been no man that has layed eyes on Him. He currently is sitting at the right hand of Our Father Who is in Heaven. It is because of the fact that He was no longer gonna be with us physically that Our Father sent The Holy Spirit, to teach us, guide us, convict us of our wrongs, and to help keep us on the Righteous path of God until our Lord returns.

    I am not sure about the whole USB being satanic, I personally dont believe it, but i have an open mind and i am willing to read anyone else's view on this matter. Another thing, that image of the devil with horns and a pitch fork is just an image used by hollywood, no where in the bible does it say he carries around a pitch fork.

    If i am wrong on anything that i said here please educate me after all i've only been walking with Christ for 5 months so spiritually i am still an infant.

    If anyone wants the source of where i read the article please pm me .

    God Bless

    Love Your Brother in Christ Jonathan
  2. The Evil's of the USB

    After Reading the Article, It would be interesting to ask this guy where he got his description of the Devil. As you pointed out, it could not have come from the Bible....

    However, this guy is not much different than a whole lot of Christians...

    Christmas Tree's are evil, Chocolate Easter bunnies are evil, Halloween is evil, Going to movies is Evil, Items in your house can contain demonic spirits and be evil, Pets can have devils and are evil, Women with skirts are evil, People that wear jewelery can be evil.

    Speaking in tongues is of the devil, Not speaking in tongues means your not filled with the Holy Spirit and not saved........
    Having a Lamborghini is evil, You should have sold it and gave to the poor. (This judgment is based on what someone's poverty mind has the ability to believe for in dollar amount themselves. cost may vary from person to person)

    The List goes on and on.....

    Is it all really any different finding USB's to be Evil??? Just add it to the List....
    Doctrine can be a bear though....... It can help keep us on the right learning path, and at the same time mess us up from seeing something that could have changed our lives in the Word......

    Now what Scripture tells us there are no more Apostles??? There are none!!!
    In fact, Apostle just means a Messenger, one sent on a mission. Many have changed the name to Missionaries.... That is the English for someone sent with a Message... Some Greek have added special powers to the Translation, More of mans Idea to explain what Apostle means.... but wrong.

    ἀπόστολος APOSTLE
    apostolos; from G649; a messenger, one sent on a mission, an apostle: - apostle (19), apostles (52), apostles’ (5), messenger (1), messengers (1), is sent (1).

    Eph 4:11
    And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
    Eph 4:12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

    If Apostle's are not around, then Pastor's and teachers must be missing. There must no longer be a need for the perfecting of the Saints....

    See how easy it is to believe something about the Word, and it's not even mentioned in the Bible?? It's called Doctrine, the thing we trust to keep us on the strait and Narrow.....The Holy Spirit is a much better teacher though....

    Jesus Is Lord
  3. I agree with you bro Mike. The article is ridiculous.

    Its amazing what minds can invent, such as senseless judgement on Christians like you mentioned (Christmas trees are evil, speaking in tongues in wrong, etc).

    I have two USB devices here. I'm not satanic lol.

    We all know the devil's pitchfork is made-man fantasy, just a cartoon.
  4. Ok that Pastor in that article IS going overboard.

    Especially the fact that he beleives the devil is going to be torturing anybody. He's NOT. Satan will be in as much torture, and pain, and seperation as anyone else. Hell was ment for him. Not as his kingdom, but as his punishment.

    However...a few commentors said that Some christians go overboard with "Christmas trees are evil, and easter bunnies, and going to the movies"

    Well What is Holy about bringing a tree into your house? How do you glorify anyone else but yourself when you do that? its a PAGAN practise.

    Same thing with easter bunnies. Pagan feritlity idols. They were worshiped on the day of Ishtar...look it up, im not going into a debate.

    Going to the movies...Again, What glorifies God in doing this? Most of the movies ALLL through out them they damn God, and curse their brains out. Or at the veryleast, HINT at sexual practises...Why and how is THAT keeping yourself clean and holy, and seperate?

    Christmas is a PAGAN Holiday. Should you NOT worship Jesus on that day, adn thank GOd for sending his son to be born? No. Go fact you should thank him EVERYday for that. But Why trees? and Garlands? and Lights? Dec 25th isnt even when Christ was born. It was The feast of Tammuz, Then It became Yule, which was an ancint Germanic day, celebrating the first day of the Heathen year. It was a worship of the Great Mothers, and the Queen of heaven. Hmmm...

    Same thing with Easter. But i wont go into it.

    Point is.

    There ARE crazy people who come up with ODD things that you shouldnt do(the whole pichfork thing above)...but none of that is IN scripture.

    Then there are things that "christians" do, Knowing where they come from, yet not caring and doing it anyway, mainly becasue of Tradition.

    Does God care of your Tradition? NOPE. Will he send you to hell for putting atree in your house? No, but God tells you to COME OUT of the world. Be Seperate. If you dont listen to God. that IS Disobedience.

    Disobedience IS a sin. So...
  5. Great post Brother Mike. Puts the foolishness among some within Christinaity in perspective.
  6. oh my, i have 2 USB's...

    and im planning to buy a new one!

    well, i dont have external hardisk, and i need to store a lot of photos from church and our youth project... etc... you think thats satanic? do i just need to buy floppy disk instead? for 4gb many will i need?? LOL...

    on a serious note, this news is crazy, how did this leader saw satan's trident? or does he really have one, or maybe two.. hehehe... well... i remember someone told me its not good for women to wear earrings or pierce their ears or wear anklets because that would mean we are slaves (slaves to what, dishes? laundry?) and then that getting bald is a disgrace for christian men (duh).. and that when spiderman does that hand sign when getting its web, its satanic, because its got two horns etc... well spiderman is a diff issue but the hand sign? I even think that means 'i love you' in sign languages...

    We can just be derailed with different pov's from every sect, but its always important to look into our own Bible, research, pray, and know whats really right or wrong, i feel sad for that congregation that'll be forbidden to use USB.. next thing we know they'll be forbidden to use any Apple gadgets (well,u know why...) hehe :p
  7. The featured topic reminds of a saying: "Some day, my ship will come in; with my luck, I'll be at the airport." Symbology can serve many meanings if one looks hard enough. To Roman political prisoners, the cross meant death. For Christians, it means life eternal. Some Christians insist that Jesus never drank nor intended anyone to drink wine, only grape juice. So, one must be careful of the intent, not the tool.
  8. I have 4 USB's, filled with all my project files, papers and lots of Don Moen's music.

    Well, these are the kind of misleading crazy things Satan would love to put in to the hearts of people.

    We have pastors bringing up new commandments in some Churches:

    Boys and girls should not interact, nor even look at each other. If a boy looks at a girl and vice versa, it is a sin according to some pastors.
    Thou shalt not use the cell phone.
    Thou shalt not use the internet.
    Thou shalt not wear gold and silver.

    Extremely silly and misguiding. Even the pharisees did something like this, putting up so many rules which are so hard for the people to follow, while they themselves don't follow it.

    The bible clearly sets the boundaries in every walk of our lives, and God expects us to stay within them. Once we cross the boundaries that the bible sets, we sin against God. Every technology that we use needs to be in such a way that we don't go against the bible.

    We have the technology because God made the Raw materials. God made gold and silver as well. He made it for all of us.
  9. Legalism can become the proverbial "choke on a gnat, yet swallow a camel". I've had discussions with some who insist that television is evil and they scorn it. When I point out that the Internet is equally evil, their defense is that they need the Internet. I like to watch TV for the news. Thus their use is righteous while mine is evil. I can go on with other items: watches, rings, neckties, earrings, etc., are vain jewelry. I know a chap who goes on at great lengths regarding remarried preachers, women preachers, the Trinity, yet he avoids discussions regarding the gentler aspects of the Holy Spirit. I only mention this because as has already been suggested, God sees our heart and knows our reason(s) for being the way we are. Certainly, there are situations to avoid. But, let's not allow redundant rules to kill our joy in the Lord.
  10. I checked this on Snopes (no information on it) and found this comment there interesting enough to repost

    Standard random proscriptions from cult leader which are much more about enforcing the authority of the leader than any logical reason. It reinforces the leader's authority if they make occasional random declarations and require followers to comply at risk of their souls.

    It effectively trains followers to do as they are directed without question and weeds out people that can actually think for themselves.

    It is not necessarily a conscious act but that doesn't make it any less insidious.​
  11. I have a USB, I'm in college so it's pretty much necessary.
    Everyone is allowed to believe what they believe.
    However, I am not in any shape or form "satanic".
  12. Isn't a USB a kind of American insect?
  13. Erm...that just seems really out there...way out there. Like some have said the devil/satan probably doesn't have a pitch fork. My guess is he looks more like an 'angel of light' than what people portray him as...a guy with horns, a pointy tail, and a pitch fork.

    And then there is the idea that using a bluetooth is better because Jesus' eyes were blue. Where in the world did that idea come from? Some painters who forgot that Jesus, when he was here, was Jewish. Not saying his eyes might have been blue, but it still seems odd to even say that.

    Aside from all this, this person who believes things like this will lead his sheep over a cliff if they are not careful.

    We need to pray for this man and his congregation. We need to pray discernment for them so that when these things are said, they will be able to discern what is truth and what isn't.

    It is easy, too easy, to call something evil when in fact it really isn't. It is harder though to discern whether something is truly evil and know what to do with that.

    Technology can be used for good or evil. It is how it is used that gives it a label.

    We need to be watchful and alert. Some day someone will say that a clock is evil because it has Roman numerals on it since Roman was an evil empire. Or Elmer's glue is evil because the package has a cow on it, which is a symbol of Mother Earth. The list could go on and on of how one person can think something is evil and tell people. Then, there seems to be some kind of chaotic fear of using the item because it is evil and that evil will plague my family, etc etc.

    *takes a deep breath*

    Do we believe what others say is evil or what JEHOVAH GOD says is evil?

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