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Appreciation and emotions

One of the things I've come to know over the last few decades, is that God has emotions.
The Bible says He delights ( Deut 28:63; 2 Sam 22:20; etc.. ). There are places it says He was angry ( Exod 4:14; Exod 32:10; Numb 12:9; etc.. ). There are places it says it says He was grieved ( Gen 6:6; Mark 3:5; )
There are certain things we do that make Him happy, or sad, or even angry. This doesn't mean He stops
loving us. If you're a parent with children you understand your children don't always make you happy,
but that doesn't mean you stop loving them.

Eph 4:30; says we can grieve the Holy Spirit. John 11:35; says Jesus wept. John 11:33; says he was deeply
moved and troubled.

I've done some things I haven't been proud of since becoming a Christian. Some of these things
were done by accident, but some of them were done just because "I wanted" to do them.
The Bible says our spirit bears witness ( Rom 8:16; ) some Bibles say the Spirit "testifies".

When we are close to someone, we can feel what they feel. When my wife hurts, I can tell...
I sometimes grieve and hurt with her. When she is happy, I can be happy and rejoice with her.

It is much the same with the Holy Spirit.... When you are close to God... you can feel what He feels.
I know some of the things I've done have caused God grief, sorrow, happiness, delight, and yes...
even anger. I have felt these things in my spirit, and even in the Holy Spirit.

I've heard people say they are "led by the Spirit", but yet I see them do things that I know aren't
making God happy. They seem to have no connection... no feeling... no emotions at all when it
comes to God. Some people say your relationship with with God doesn't depend on your emotions.
..and well, I think that's true up to a point. But if you're always grieving God or making Him angry,
maybe it's time to "let every man examine himself". ( 1 Cor 11:28; )

Have you ever stopped to think about what Jesus did for you? He was beaten, whipped, mocked,
and had a crown of thorns placed on His head. He was ridiculed, spat on, and then he was nailed...
like a piece of wood. To a cross. Were He hung for hours.. and then He died. Of course He isn't
still dead, but the point here is... He took the punishment we deserved. The punishment YOU deserved.
Have you ever stopped to thank Him for that?

It seems some Christians and churches (especially liturgical churches) want to take all emotion
out of the church service, and out of their relationship with God.

I'm not sure that really works very well. If we are made in God's image, and He has emotions about us.
Why shouldn't we have emotions about Him?