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Apple, Lemon & Ginger Juice


Ingredients (all organic where possible):

2-3 apples (granny smith or golden delicious work best, organic if possible)
1/2 lemon (organic is best of course, but at least try to get one that hasn’t been waxed)
1 piece fresh ginger about 1 inch long


Throw the 1/2 lemon in the juicer, seeds, peel and all. Add the ginger. I follow up with the apples to make sure everything else gets pushed through. I remove the stems and cut the apples into quarters because the input chute to my juicer is quite small, but if your juicer can handle it just remove the apple stems.

Serve over ice and drink immediately.

Makes about 1 glass of juice.
Apple, Lemon & Ginger Juice • The Healthy Eating Site
The juice would have to be one of my favorites. Anything with ginger has my vote.
Staff Member
That sounds very refreshing and healthy @rizen1
Will definitely try it
My oldest daughter makes fresh fruit juice and smoothies everyday

I will have to give her this recipe :)

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