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Anyone observing the Passover?

I really am not asking for a deluge of reasons it's isn't necessary to observe passover.Sometimes I do sometimes I dont.I happen to like the Holy Days and it's a refreshing change of pace.Lunar cycles are more in tune with nature than the gregorian calender.It's fun counting the Omer and Celebrating Pentacost on the 50th day.That was the only time of the year two leavened loaves were to be brought before the Lord.Does anyone have any interesting takes on that symbolism?Pentacost and the delivering of the Ten commandments are parallels of the same lunar time.Just as the feast of tabernacles is in agreement with the Birth Of Jesus in a manger.Im making my own matzos.Its easy and complicated at the same time.I use a dowel to roll them out they are thin and put alot of pressure on the dough.I then put it in a hot oven witha pizza stone or some ceramic tiles on the rack.If you dont have a hole puncher a fork will work but it is time consuming.Shalom JHS CHristan
Hi there brother!We celebrate here the first 4 spring feasts but as I have said before not like the Isaelites do.We celebrate it as a "Thanksgiving Week" because Jesus already fulfilled all of it.We start the celebration opening on sunday in the church with blowing of the trumpet not the shofar and from mon-fri. volunteered houses of the brothers and sisters in Christ, sat. preparation for the final closing sun. Well, too long to discuss full details but you know, it's interesting about your baking, like to taste it. God bless us. Peace is with us.
Please go into more detail during the week of the festivul and send some picrures Gentle.Then people will be able to know you a bit better.PeaceJHS Christan
ok brother will tell it to you in detail but a little bit later. Picture? I don't know yet because I'm not that very knowledgeable in computer. Thanks for your messages and the replies. God bless us. Peace is with us.