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Anyone here lose wieght with video games?

I keep fit by playing DDR, Yourself! Fitness, Wii boxing etc when the weather is cold here in Illinois
hmm...I had to look and see if a male posted this...figured some guy was on for giving them more excuses to play their games
I wouldn't say I lose weight or stay fit by playing video games; I still run and do aerobics. But I do play video games for fun :D I like Wii Fit: hula-hooping and Wii tennis... so much fun! I like playing DDR too. I've never heard of the other games you mentioned though. I'll have to check those out =) -ashlee
I've certainly gained weight playing them.

I recently played some Wii games for the first time with my niece and loved it. Its a great way to get in some exercise especially during those cold winter months!
I want to gain weight... im only 83lbs!!! i enrolled myself in the gym to gain more weight... do you think it will work? have you heard of the Appeton gain-weight Milk... ? i wanna try it but im not sure about it.

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