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Does anybody ice skate? Horse back ride? Those are my favorite hobbies. Horse back riding is #1, ice skating is #2, and jetskiing and scrapbooking are tied for #3.:girl:
Yes, I do like to ride horses and to go ice skating. (Although I'm not very good at ice skating.) I don't own a horse, nor do I ride one anymore. My teacher raised her rates. *frowns*
Sometimes I skate on a pond nearby but haven't this year as my skates don't fit anymore. I love horses but haven't ridden much as I don't have one. I went to a scrap booking class once but haven't done any since although my Grandma does it and what a great job she does at it! She made me two books from pictures of my childhood. So special!
I do ice skate at one of our malls, i dont do horse back riding (i just dont live in an area where that is possible) and i like scrapbooking but im not that good in it.
I don't take lessons for ice skating. I only copy the other lesson taking girls.
I also don't take lessons horse riding. I hardly get to ride but I cherish every moment I have riding.

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