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Anybody Like Radio ?

Did anyone see the movie Radio ? I have watched that movie at least 20 times ! I enjoyed the movie because it showed me that with love all things are possible . Papabear15 has a little boy like Radio . We all love him and he just keeps comming further out of his shell everyday ! His name is Jacob . He is a wonderfull little boy , but I keep reminding myself and everyone on my block that if he ever seems a little hard to handle at times , then The movie Radio will be starting at 7:00 at my house ! I was very blessed by that movie . Anybody else ? Brother Mike :love: :boy_hug:
Nothin I was just sayin

Did you say 20 times? Dad you watched that movie at least 20,000 times. But I guess thats a good thing cause I love that movie too. Sharing ideas is good for everyone.
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Ihad posted in here but it seems to have gotten lost.. What i said was that I wanted tosee the movie but hadnt had the chance yet.
Go and get it . You will be deeply moved with compassion ! I guess if it made me so moved , it can make anybody cry ! Brother Mike
Not only is it a great movie about the power of love , but it's a true story too ! Radio is a real man who is still alive in North Carolina . A must see ! Please watch it and tell me if you liked it . Mike
You do realize I live waaaaaay up North...in the middle of nowheres lol :confused:

I had`nt heard of any such movie, so that`s either either a sign I`ve had my head buried in the sand or it`s not available around here. :confused:
I might have to be resourceful, but i`ll look for it, thanks!

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