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Any Ideas for Small Groups?

Hi. At school we have a christian club called UKCF.
It is funded by korean americans but our club accepts
people from all cultures. We have leaders and we get into
groups in the end for fellowship and learning. I was wondering
if you guys had any ideas that we can have during our small group
such as games or any other activities that are fun/serious which has meaning
in doing it and/or with explanations in the bible. Thank you

Also... any ideas for fundraising? We are trying to raise up
money for a revival next year.

I dunno if this is a good idea or not but it is the only one i got ok?

If ya buy two or three news papers the same and split the group up into three or two smaller groups and give them a paper each. Tell them to give a page each of the paper to every member of there group in there team and then read out a headline (quite small one) from the paper that you have found previusly and blow a whistle so the first person to find it and tear it out and run to the front with it in there hand wins a point. You could find as many headlines or sentenses as you like as long as they are good news ones.

The point being: that you choose two or three headings of 'Good news' for them to find in the paper. Must not be bad news. and then tell them about the world and its bad news and how people have to search for the good news (God!) HA!

mite be kool i dunno
thanx for the idea! im sure to use it in our small group. if you have any more ideas, just post more up thanx :D
Hi Chuck...

Hello Chuck,

I have noticed that many organizations aren't very careful when it comes to "activities". What I mean is that as the activities replace Jesus Christ as the center of your group, the intimacy of fellowship will be lost.

Have fun in your group, of course, but always, ALWAYS keep Jesus Christ the LORD of your organization. If your not sure that an activity is "ok" (or not) just consult God's Holy Word for the answers to your questions.

Let God's Holy Spirit lead you in all endeavors and maintain the fun in your group.

Also, I find the suggestion of the newspaper article game quite interesting. It would certainly be nice if the secular media would report "good news" for a change.