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I will call this ka boom

Anxieties overtaking,
breathing labouring,
in a body thats painstakingly,
moving forward endlessly,
battling with a brain,
thats contemplating,
how much overload,
this anxiety is devastatingly,
damaging my esteem,
struggling without ease,
as I drown in a sea,
of leech infested personal debris,
sucking on my brain,
the devil drives me insane,
trying to overtake,
in every waking hour I pray,
I need a break,
I cant fake that this road is strenuous,
but I gain the wisdom,
as I make this sacrifice for Your sake,
in graditude for Your pain,
by which I am saved,
still my anxiety reigns,
so I beg Lord take me away,
I know not the hour or the day,
but I know that patience and endurance,
are the way to find fellowship,
I praise Your name,
my fight is not in vain,
as I claw my way,
through this demonic cage,
of worldly chains,
I know You overcame,
longing for the day,
You will tell me it's ok,
I know I will see that day,
my anxiety will dissapate,
You are the only way,
so please carry me,
through this pain,
I'll serve You forever and a day.
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