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Anthony told me that everyone is mad and jealous....

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by diana31483, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. The reason why because I lost my fiance Chris' house because he was fighting with two guys and I did go over his moms so that was messed up. Ok; we stayed at his moms and his mom accused me & him for stealing $100.00 out of her purse so ok; she saw me go upstairs to the bathroom about a couple times that day. Now we are staying at his friend Dobys till the apartment get finished this weekend so now his wife came in there tripping because I am staying there with him and my fiance. She thinks I am messing around on her man and I said I thought Patti knew me better than that to say anything like that than she accused me of using her bath/ body works. So Anthony is saying it is me because he would let him live there but its me. Now these apartments we was calling just one person. I don't believe this stuff is happening to me....

    I need a major prayers for people thinking of me that low....
    Please write back!

    Oh above all this I didn't do any of this to his mom and Dobys wife!!!!!

    Love, Diana31483

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