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Anthony and Diana's Money Situations

I will be glad when he gets a job at the hospital in North Philly in Philadelphia.

So I can stop working as much to pay our rent.

Lord, always guide us through everything good and bad and always know we are gods children.

Love, Diana

Save us from our sins and we love you!
It did pay off because Anthony found another job and he is going for his drug test next week. So sooner or later I don't have to pay 200.00 anymore just 100.00 by the time I am out of college at the end of this month. So he paged me at work and he told me and I was so happy. He celebrated with his friends last night while I was at work. So I can get a better job and I am in an Medical Administrative Assistant school called the Cittone Institute in Plymouth Meeting, PA. (its in the Plymouth Meeting Mall). So just keep me in your prayers alwayz!

P.S. Yes I was blessed for him to tell me that!

Love, Diana31483
Staff Member
Amen Diana glad to hear he found a job. The power of prayer is undeniable :)
I know you are right about that and we've been praying since June about that and my life is just a little bit easier. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and thoughts towards me and my fiance, Anthony and we really appreciate it! We love you all very much! Just keep me and Anthony in our prayers.

Love, Diana31483