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An anthem brings hope to the hopeless, inspires multitudes to believe in the unseen, gives power to the faint of heart, and encourages us to press on.

An anthem causes us to go to the places only angels dare to tread, and helps us to hear the voice of God, to boldly go with purpose and anointing,

To walk with God alone.

An anthem will give you strength to fight the battle, courage to stand tall and declare with a loud voice that our God is alive, to love the unlovely, and hold your head up high.

An anthem will make you strong, and cause you to see what God sees, to lift up your eyes to the hills from whence comes your help, to look with holy eyes on the deserts of sin becoming a fruitful field.

An anthem will make you bold, and take your heart on the ride of it’s life to take hold of hope and run with it, so that we can see this world through God’s eyes.