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Answer from God

I was just asked to do something at Church last night that requires a lot of prayer. This job I was asked to do is very flattering to me that they would ask me, and a responsibility. It is also me workig for God, and doing my part.
I was told that God has a purpose for me, and I am there for a reason, and it's time I need to start working and growing for the Lord. I am asking all of those who would, please pray for me that God will give me the answer I need for this.
Thank you.

Oh and also pray, cause I am leaving this saturday for Cincinnati on a mission trip.!

God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
Staff Member
Sounds like great news sister! Time to mature with the Lord and do great works to reach the lost and uplift the weak in faith.

Your in my prayers
hey Inrobar. . . someone precious told me once:

God doesnt call the Equipped. . .he equips the Called :love:

wanted to share that with you and I pray for God to touch you and keep your heart on fire