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Answears Please

All day i been have a feelings of lonlyness and feel like like just my feelings. I dont know what it is I feel depressed and really dont want to go to work. I get yelled at at work alot and it makes my life misable. I think I just drunge gonig back to work. No one is up at this time of night abd I just need to share how I feel. I miss my mom my real mom is in Rome ,NY and I dont get to talk ot her alot. MY legal gaurded Mom died when I was 20. I miss her the most . Sue Laws was more like my real Mom then myreal Mom. I am just sad and I just need to get out of this Job. I just dont know what to do and I am scared to change . I think it God telling me to move up from this job.What do I do where do I turn. I am just looking for answears.

More about my twin sister she is coming from plano tx to vist Dad and I. She has brought alot of strife in my family my twin has between her boy friend and our family. It just tears me apart to see her throw her life away for this guy. She knows he wont marry her and all he does is go fishing and never go out together.

Sorry if I sound like a baby asking attention. To me pray does work and I just pray to God every day. I know it is His plan that I am here.
Oh my dear brother. My heart goes out to you. Place your trust in God. Give Him the space to work His wonders in your life.We seem to be challenged in many places all at once. Depression has a knock on effect and you cant cope with sadness and loss on your own. Please seek help so that through God's intervention you can view life differently. I am thousands of miles away from you but with you in prayer brother John. You have very right to feel as you do. Talk to a friend , seek help - it will be there for you as God is there.Lean on Him - He is our rock and our strength, a proven Father in times of trouble. May He lift you up this day. You are not alone. Sue is in Heaven with the Angels. Take your time, ask God's direction and He will open the door. I will pray for you today.
Thank you it means alot to me,that you are praying with me. I will not give up the good fight. I will press on with my brothers and sisters in Christ. God Bless you friend.
Praying for you and your situation. May God give you comfort, refuge, wisdom and support in your time of need. Take care and God Bless
Hi John....thank you for bringing your needs before us so we may lift you up in prayer. Thank you for trusting us to do so. I will also pray blessings upon your visit with your sister. This can be a time that God will use to mend hurts & bring you closer together. Ask Him to do so & then await her visit with an excitement & expectation of what God is going to do!!
hey man...

u sound like ur goin thru heaps atm... lets pray..

Dear Lord,

i just lift John up to you Lord.. u know all that is going on in his life atm Lord, an Lord i just pray that you will continue to work thru his life an you will bless him abundantly.

In Jesus' Name,

Good luck John! Hope it gets betta!!

God Bless!!