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another little cute story

this is a story i wrote for a friend who was going through some rough times i hope you enjoy it:
The sparrow and the dove.
one day a sparrow was soaring and the winds picked up the grey thick clouds rolled in she couldn't fight the wind she grew exhausted from the challenge of the wind the rain beat down hard on her feathers the lightning flashed so bright she grew scared and seen a willow tree so she soared down towards it,she made it safe on the branch next to a beautiful dove. shaken wet and cold from the feirce rain she trembled, the dove scooted close to her and placed his wing around the dove. protecting her and keeping her warm. never once dd the dove say anything just held the sparrow for comfort the sparrow closed her eyes because the thunder and lightning was so fierce. when the rain stopped and the noice quit the sparrow opened her eyes and seen a rainbow. but the dove had left. the sparrow thought for a moment then a small voice filled her ears saying i promis to keep you safe and carry you through the storms of your life and i will be your fortress and safe refuge trust in me for i have given you protection. then the sparrow realized the dove was the lord who had protected her . the moral of this story is no matter how big the storm GOD will provide an anchor to carry you through till the end. he will be your protection. GOD can lead you throught he storm if you only trust in him. love foreverwjesus:messenger