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another great bundle of joy!

I want to thank God for another wonderful child. God gave me a beautiful son on Oct 20th/2004. He was as healthy as he could be.

I was over due and my doctor said I needed another c-section. Of course it wasnt what I really wanted. I went up for prayer for the baby when I was still pregnant. The lady said as she was praying... "And God said.. I have put this human being inside of you. I will make you a good mother. Trust in me."

I was scared but I did have a c-section. I put my trust in God and now here he is.

thank you Jesus for a wonderful child. You have blessed me so much!!
Jessid9, it soaks my heart with joy for two things:1.) you having a baby, and 2.) that God made that child as healthy as can be. i pray that he will grow up in his faith as much as you have, and please keep giving us reports. again, you are very blessed!
Yes I have a two year old daughter as well. And the lil guy is now two month sold! And smilling away!