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Another EMILY list Minister in Australian Parliamenet.

Another EMILY list Minister in Australian Parliament.

The Federal Member for Franklin, Julie Collins MP, was today named as the new Minister for Community Services, the Status of Women, Indigenous Employment and Economic Development

Ms Collins gains the Status of Women, Indigenous Employment and Economic Development portfolios, including implementing the Indigenous Economic Development Strategy 2011-2018 and the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.
It's ironic abortion isn't considered violence against children. : (
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hmmmmmm...is abortion violence against women and children?? YES!! :-S

Sadly not everyone sees it that way. When you dehumanize the child within the womb, you act like abortion is okay. God have mercy!!

We live in a world where the littlest of humans is thrown to the side as if it's THEIR fault they were created and that they were somehow messing up the life of those who were irresponsible!

I'm sorry, but I'm sick of people blaming someone else for their mishaps, the consequences of their actions. Aborting a child will NOT make everything "fine."

If we as the followers of Jesus will not stand up and speak up...these little ones will cry through the Spirit with moans and groans. They are just little...they can not fend of themselves...and look what we do.

Oh God...these children...these little ones...they just want to live and be loved. God gives these gifts. Forgive us Lord. For we know what we do, but do not care who we hurt.

I cry for these little ones...their breath and growing is stopped...their heartbeat is stilled. And I weep...for I would give just about anything to hold one...

I know You weep, too, God. I don't want comfort. I want these little ones to live!
Events and Opportunities

Emily's List - the champion of women's rights??

Life Network Australia - Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Emily's List holds up abortion as a trophy of women's reproductive rights, espouses the rhetoric of "choice" and poses as an organisation fighting for equality of women. At first glance, why wouldn't any company jump at the opportunity to sponsor them?
If, however, you look a little more closely, you may just see something more sinister.
It was Emily List's, Candy Broad, that initially tabled an abortion Bill that would legalise abortion up until birth - but it was put aside until after a federal election.
Emily List's Maxine Morand then retabled it.
It was her Emily's List colleagues, Joan Kirner, Jacinta Allan (Bendigo East) and others that argued passionately in support of the Bill.
When challenged on her support of the legislation, during the last Victorian election, Ms Allan refused to comment. Her constituents flatly refused to believe that she would have supported abortion up until birth. With the protection of her local Bendigo newspaper, she remains unaccountable.

During the abortion debate in Parliament, images of aborted babies were viewed. Abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen, gave her amazing story of surviving an abortion and asked "Where were my rights as a female?" But Emily's List MPs remained determined.
Peter Kavanagh, former Member of the Democratic Labour Party, described how he was told by some ALP MPs that although they did not want to support the Bill, they were told (by the ALP) that they would not be endorsed for reselection if they did not - so much for a conscience vote!

Former ALP Member for Bendigo West, Bob Cameron, voted against the Bill. He has since been replaced by Emily List's Maree Edwards.

The legislation was passed and numerous amendments were put forward - some 60, in fact. It was the rejection of these amendments that gives us a look into what Emily's List really stands for.

Given they had succeeded in legalising abortion in Victoria, one would think that a political organisation that champions the rights of women would have supported the following amendments: Parental consent for girls under 18 years (parental consent is required for piercings); mandatory reporting of suspected sexual abuse; support/counselling for women considering abortion; a "cooling off period" for women considering late term abortion. But no - each Emily's List Member of Parliament voted each of these amendments down.

Emily Listers also opposed: The banning of partial birth abortions (banned in the U.S); provision of medical care for aborted babies born alive; anaesthetic for babies aborted late term; and limitting abortion availability to 20 or 24 weeks (babies can survive outside the womb at this stage).

In espousing to be "pro choice", there is no evidence of Emily's List having any interest in any "choice" other than abortion. Where do they show such determination and passion for adoption? Are they fighting to have red tape surrounding adoption cut?
Where are they lobbying for pregnancy support centres? Parenting classes?
It is blaringly obvious that Emily's List is "pro choice" alright...as long as that "choice" is abortion!

The champagne flowed for those Emily Listers who had secured their ultimate "trophy", but for the women, families and babies of Victoria and Australia, it was a very sad day. Legal protection for the unborn and also for women had been stripped.
The following businesses and organisations sponsor Emily's List - the first two listed are supporting one of their upcoming events. Please make contact with them. If you do business with them and your concerns are brushed aside, please consider changing to another business provider.

( Full Information and website details @ lifenetwork.og )
In the eyes of world it's ok to do the following:

Be sexy to sell a product in a commercial.
Make pornography and post it on the Internet for EVERYONE to see.
Have sex before marriage.
Have multiple partners.
Abort a child.

Yet no one wants to hear the Good News of the Gospel.
No one wants to value a human life.
No one wants to cherish each other as children of God.
No one wants to put others before themselves.

I am so sad to see the values being turned upside down,
and now at a faster rate than ever in my generation.

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