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Another Blonde Joke

One day, a blonde was in need of some money, and she decided to get a job. She started brainstorming for ideas and (What do you know!) she couldn't get any good ones. Finally she decided that she would just go up to a nice looking house, and ask if any work needed to be done.
She found a very nice house that happened to be owned by an older couple by the name of Garrison. (Don't worry, the name doesn't have any importance in the joke...) Anyway, the blonde parked her ford in the gravel driveway alongside a nice Ferarri, walked up the steps and knocked on the front door. The husband answered it.
"Can I help you, miss?" he asked.
"Yes, actually, mister," the blonde replied. "I was in need of some money, and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help someone out." She looked around the yard. "Is there anything you might need done around here?"
The elderly man thought a while and finally agreed. "The porch could use a new paint job?"
The blonde agreed to do it for the sum of fifty dollars. The man told her that there was paint and paintbrushes out in the shed in back, and closed the door, turning around to see his wife looking at him.
"Does she know that the porch goes all the way around the house?" she asked.
"She should," said the man. "She was standing on it."
"But for only fifty dollars?"
"It was her idea," protested the man.
"Well, even if it was her idea. I still don't like it that you're basically ripping her off."
"She agreed to it, and a deal is a deal," the man insisted, and the wife finally subsided. After about forty five minutes, the blonde knocked at the door to let the man know that she had finished.
The man was astonished that she had finished so quickly, but nontheless, he handed over the money. As the blonde hopped into her ford, though, the man realized that the porch had not been painted. It was the same dull brown it had been before instead of the nice white he had imagined. He started to protest to the blonde, but before he could she called out of the car window, "Oh, and mister? By the way, it's not a Porsche, it's a Ferarri."