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Another Bad Day??????

:eek:mg: Having another bad day?

I went to get the clothes out of the washing machine and there was white paper all over the dark slacks and was a mess so I will have to brush it all off and wash them again. It just doesnt want to come off!! I may have to wash it TWICE again......this late at night????

Still think you're having ANOTHER bad day?

I got the the bottom of the washing machine and grabbed a bunch of clothes and paper was EVERYWHERE. I tried to shake them out and it was like CONFETTI flying all over the laundry room and looks like a celebration party! :present: :cake:

STILL having ANOTHER bad day????????

I got the washer part way cleaned out -there was bunches of papers- enough to make a paper mache' hat! I' ll do the rest tomorrow - I dont feel like standing on my head in the washing machine that long this late at night - they will think I am a BAT! Well I put the clothes in the dryer for a few minutes. When I looked in, there was paper all over the front so wiped it off and--------CUT MY FINGER!! On the rubber trim? :confused: NO this new one is plastic!!

What?! STILL ANOTHER bad one?

Its on the end of my finger on my left hand ( I'm left handed) and against the nail where a bandaid doesnt fit good and I cant type :computer: or it makes it hurt. My typing is even worse. believe it or not, and now its so bad it looks like a 1 st grader typing!!! AND-I'm allergic to bandaids!!!.............Oh..Did I mention - I didnt know it until after all this but my husband cut his finger on his left hand at noon at the restaurant :eek:mg:

OH YES this REALLY happened to ME today!
TRUE story- of Glory! ( :sun: Gloria - that is)
That's Right! :boy_hug: :boy_hug: :boy_hug: :girl: The men in white coats are coming after me!!!
Is it any wonder???!!! :eek:mg:

There now, feeling better? :thumbs_up :note: :girl_hug:
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Thats really funny Gloria ! :love: Bellieve it or not , I had a bad day yesterday too . God is so awesome . I thought I was alone in it all , but I see you were there too ! :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
Hey Gloria while you seem to like to wash paper lol I like to wash rocks ! Hey anyone out there with scissors? lol ! I loved your story Gloria you have a great way of writing