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Annointed Music

Question: Do you think the Music you listen to effects your mood, your thoughts, or your behavior in any way?

My Opinion: I think it has a big impact on your mood and thoughts. When I was away from the Lord, I woud listen to this awful music singing about Death and Depression and Loneliness. When I would listen to it, I felt that same way, and I would think about those things. When I got back to the Lord and got saved, I began to listen to Christian Music, and it really lifted my Spirits, and it still does. So, I believe that there is a strong annointing on Music, thus being the reason why we, as Christians, really need to watch and shelter what we listen to, becuase we could be opening doors to ourselves, and allowing things into our Hearts that arn't good.

Whats your all's opinions?
Yip, Music, words will always impact people. That's why it is important as christians, to use our gifts even if you can only play three chords, to impact the the unsaved
with the truth in our songs! To build up, edify and comfort them in need of a saviour!

You made a Good point Tollo! God Bless You in all that you do!
Thank you, Willy. You have made a good point as well. WE should use Music to reach ppl as much as we can, becuase Music these days is popular, and we can use it in so many ways to reach so many ppl! I think its really great how ppl are moved by song. Its awsome.
I would have to agree that it has a huge impact, however this hasen't made me take stuff out of my collection. I think that there are some songs I have that I only listen to occationally and only for the musical/lirical techniques and if I can find this else where I might not listen to it at all.

Psalm one is importaint songs can be the 'counsel of the wicked'

Maybe the best thing to remember on this point is J.S.Bach on the subject. A beliver and a Awesome musican he said.
"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul".
This is I think a good bench mark to judge music by
Yes, you are correct on that. My dad always tells me that if the song doesn't uplift God, and it doesn't make you feel any better while listening, then you shouldn't be listening. You make a good point, Theo.
Music is a very powerful and important medium and tool that we as christians can use
to reach out to the world....and yes..it does changes mood & atmosphere's

i agree that music is very powerful...it can bring you down or pick you up. Some of my runs would not be longer than 5 minutes if it werent for my diskman!

but all of this makes me wonder about music in church. i know some people claim they "feel god" or have "spiritual experiences" while they are at church. I am not saying that they dont feel that, but sometimes I wonder if the music has anything to do with that feeling.

I went to a church once that had awsome music...it was like a rock concert! but by the end of the service people were crying, were lying on the floor, were jumping, and yelling....all thought they were having some sort of expereince...just made me wonder!!

thats my 2 cents worth :)
music should be the real sacrifice to God. Even if all the drum beats and music intruments are off , the music should be penetrating the heart of those who listen. If God is smelling that worship a sweet fragrance, it is only called the praise and worship.
I realised a startling revelation a while back. The music you listen to is more than just ' the music your LISTENING to'. Do you know why metal is associated with satanism? Because of the ability to draw out certain things. For instance, what does a vampire demon do? It feeds off of energy and promotes outright carnage. What does Metal do? Produces high energy music. Put the two together and you see whats going on. Im not saying that that form of music is bad, because its not. Music is music and its all good, unless of course you use it for destructive purposes. The obvious being Slipknot, Murder Dolls, Marilyn Manson, the more subtle being HIM, Led Zepplin, and POP (POP being apart of the NWO's way of promoting 'ideolistic' beliefs and generic social outlooks that overlook the essentials, it may sound crazy to you, but trust me, even Walt Disney was an Illuminati member, doing the same thing!). So I guess, you just have to be aware of these things, of course if you carry a demon of depression, if you listen to Nirvana for extended periods it will feed off of the 'vibe' generated by it and grow stronger!!! Have you seen kids that are depressed that start listening to this stuff and start rapidly declining? Well, now you know why. I hope this post was interesting and informative, but Im going to sign off, I could go into alot more depth but I will spare you, thank God for small mercies lol. If you should require more info feel free to ask...especially since I have my hands on some interesting Occult facts, some of which apply here.
True. Music does affect not only your moods, but also your spiritual life. I'll share an experience I had when I was in my high school. The boys from a nearby school hand invited us for a dance and I knew that secular music would not be good for my spiritual life. After alot of debate within me, i decided to go for it. I thought that I would just listen to the music and not get onto the dancefloor. But when i got there, the music was so enticing that I couldn't resist. By the end of the day, all that was playing in my mind was "unleash the dragon" and other secular songs. I found it hard to pray and go to church and i found that Christian company now bored me. I had a big spiritual fall and it took me close to 2years to get my relationship right with God again. My great fall all began with just listening to the wrong music. I have eversince become very careful about the kind of music that I listen to or dance to.
I think that music is a very powerful thing. We can surprise of the effect
of music on a person's mood or toughts.

However I still like secular music that obviously doesn't speak of death, sex, or stuff like that...
Music that is not christian but it's not Satanic either jeje..

I feel like any kind of music can make an effect if who's listening really believes and makes a significance of what its talking about.
I didn't read all the posts. But I agree and want to emphasis that music is a spiritual experience. And therefore you are to be very diligent when you choose what you will listen to and what you will play and what you will sing. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ." Even the music should minister Christ's words and glorify God in your life.

I have friends who went a long way back and crashed and burned just coz they compromised to listen and play secular music. I myself have experienced the hazards of secular music.

Praise God for music. It belongs to HIM. EITHER YOU ARE ON GOD'S SIDE PLAYING AND LISTENING FOR GOD'S GLORY OR YOU OR WITH THE DEVIL. There is nothing called safe secular music. I am talking out of my experience and observation. I have seen my best friend falling into terrible depression after listening to a "harmless" love song.
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I still think there is secular music that does not hurt or doesn't become an agressive influence.

Secular music that does not guide you into a world of sorrow and depression.
There's a lot of music in the world. Joyful, happy music that makes you wanna laugh and be very very happy jeje... Just because artists are not christian, or their lyrics doesn't talk exactly about Jesus, it doesnt mean that is totally a bad influence...

What do you think about???
" I desire to know nothing amongst you except Christ and Him crucified" . This is Apostle Paul's line. But it is applicable to all of us.

When I said secular music is to be avoided my point was that music's sole purpose is worshiping and gloryfying God. When you do things in truth and love, you do that.....

eg: even when u r singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... you are gloryfying God...coz it is out of truth. When you sing a love song truly inspired within your heart to your wife or husband...u are giving glory to God coz love is the inspiration.... when u sing a lullaby to your child.... u r gloryfying God, when u write a song about the beauty of nature , u r gloryfying God. But make sure that God is in the picture and He is always the focus of all that you do.

But I can be so definite when I say that it is best not to listen to a secular song/artist. Just coz it is very difficult to draw the line.... the line is that thin. And furthermore why should you listen to secular music.... when u have an christian alternative to any kind of music that you hear in the secular world.... pop, rock, metal, hip hop, rap, classical, disco, jazz.... Christian Music is rich. Just that we need to realise it rather than believing the lie that good music is only in the secular market. That is not true. Good and creative music is there in the Christian market... just that we might have to ask, seek.... also promote and encourage these artists and bands.

I had a tough time giving up my love for secular music which did a lot of harm to me. But when I did that God Himself convinced me that Christian music is the best and that real talent and skill is appreciable only when it is used for the Creator.
Consider the following scriptures.

"Sanctify them in the Truth; Your word is the Truth." John 17:17
"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ" Roman 10:17
"Without faith it is impossible to please God." Hebres 11:6
"Speaking to yourself in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord" Ephesians 5:19
Let your faith grow. Build it by hearing to the word of Christ. Listen to Christian music. And even when you listen to that, be diligent and check everything.
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nebubini said:
music should be the real sacrifice to God. Even if all the drum beats and music intruments are off , the music should be penetrating the heart of those who listen. If God is smelling that worship a sweet fragrance, it is only called the praise and worship.

I really agree with this.
And don't forget that we are created to worship HIM. By the music we can sacrifice the best thing to our Almighty God.

Jesus loves you

yeah you´re definately right, that as christians we don´t have to think about death, loneliness and so on. But i also listen to some secular groups they sing about death in the need of hope. and it makes me remember that people need the Gospel all the time .............We need bear the Gospel!!! GodBless!!!!:love:
music is a powerful and spiritual force.

read 1st samuel ch 16 when it talks of david playing the harp and it bringing a demon driving annointing behind it. it was just david playing an instrumental tune no words. theres power in music, but there is awesome power in music if god has annointed it! woo hoo praise god!

Sis,Greetings Praise the Lord in your life.Music is belong to our God only mis
used by the enemy(Satan) enjoy what our God is restore for us like music.Blessing to you.