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She does it again

Hi all, Well Annah sure does like to keep things interesting. Thursday Annah started to feel run down. Thursday night I was taking her to the Emergency Room. Annahs stomach had been bleeding which caused her to become very enemic. They are unsure what caused her stomach to bleed but when they went in with a scope this afternoon the bleeding had stopped and whatever had caused the bleeding had healed. Annah also had to receive 3 units of blood through out the day. We will be starting her back up on her feedings to see how she tolerates them. Prayerfully she can go home tomorrow if all goes well.
She continues to amaze them here. God continues to show HE is so in control.
Please keep her in your prayers.

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Another Praise

Hi, I just brought Annah home from the hospital. They never did find out what caused the bleeding that led to her being so anemic. The 3 units of blood put color back into her face, though her counts are still a little bit low she is doing a lot better. She will have to start taking Iron and something for her stomach to decrease the acid so as not to run into this problem again. Thank you all for your continual prayers.

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WAY TO GO ANNAH!!! Annah had a follow up doctors appointment this morning. The blood work came back great. Her count is back to normal levels and her energy is up.

Now for my right shoulder to heal as I am dealing with tendon/rotator cuff problems. A bit hard to let it rest completely but it is slowly on the mend.

Finished this quarter of school a week and a half early.

A wonderful way to end the week.

A lesson we all can learn from Annah is perserverance. Keep pressing on and through whatever comes our way.
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Hi, Annah over all is doing well. We have stopped the iron supplements due to severe cramping. Her blood count is good PRAISE GOD!!!

I would also like to share something that placed on my heart while reading a devotional. This is what spoke to me.

I am sad to say I have seen how others cringe and shy away from Annah because of her inability to hold her head up and that she drools. It can break a mothers heart.

How would others treat Annah when they see her with her head down and drooling if oone saw it was Jesus?
How would they approach her?

How am I not seeing my Father in His creation? Who do I turn away from because of how one looks, comes across or due to their background?

How blessed I am to be given so much, how am I showing my thanks?

The scripture here is:

Matthew 25:40 "Truely I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me."

May we each see Jesus in those around us causing us to treat them as Christ treats us no matter the outward condition.

Christ doesnt see limits in us we do.

Barb, I'm rejoicing with you over Annah's situation. Regarding how others see Annah through the lens of her physical situation, remember that that is the only lens they have to look through. Only you and a few others will ever have use of the lens that God uses.

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Reflection; I love how God reveals things to me through my daughter. Though others may not put much worth in her and even feel uncomfortable around her, I also can be that way with others as well.

The sorrow it brings a mothers heart to see her child not accepted by others; oh the sorrow of our heavenly Father when we reject each other.

as always my brother your words are encouraging.

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A special day: On December 1st 1986 God blessed me with a very beautiful and special daughter. I can hardly believe Annah will be turning 25 on the first.

This year as been a quiet year health wise for her, with only one hospital stay and major health issue. PRAISE GOD!!!

Though it has been a year of hearing how others struggle with truly accepting her on different levels.

Some see Annah as a hinderance, an obstacle and or burden, they see her and call her disabled

I see her as a miracle and a daily reminder of God's grace, mercy and love.

God sees her as beautiful and calls her by name: Annah His daughter!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Annah I am so very blessed to be your mom, I love you so very much!!
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It has been a while since I have posted anything on here. Annah turned 27 this past December. This past April we celebrated a 5 year anniversary from being sent home on hospice. Last May Annah was in the hospital very sick. Below is a story I wrote that was laid upon my heart a few months after she was discharged. Praise God she is doing much better.

Angel in the Night​
By Comingjoy
A mother’s heart accepted the sacrifices that came with caring for her adult daughter with severe cerebral palsy and health concerns. Sleepless nights were just one of them. It had been days since the mother had received a full night’s sleep.
The ordeal started two days prior when on the third day during the middle of the night a trip to the emergency room would ensue. It was her lungs again, another pneumonia. After a dose of IV antibiotics they were sent home. The following night proved to be a bit better than the night before, but that would not last long, as by late evening on the following day they were back in the emergency room worse off than before. If the pneumonia wasn’t enough of a worry the daughter also was struggling to fight off an infection that could be resistant to antibiotics. This time she was admitted.
Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and respiratory therapists were in and out doing all that they could to comfort the daughter and reassure the mother that they were doing everything humanly possible. The mother was constantly there, never leaving her daughter’s side while tightly holding her hand, never letting go.
How could she sleep watching her daughter struggle to take each breath? The mothers’ heart ached, wishing that she could take her daughter’s place while her mind wondered if this would be the time she didn’t come home. The daughter struggled to close her eyes due to the difficulty in breathing, the mother struggled to keep hers open out of exhaustion, but feared if she closed them her daughter might breathe her last.
After five straight days of little to no sleep, watching her daughter struggle to breathe, the daughter began to sleep. Knowing a nurse was stationed in her daughters room at all times, the mother finally rested her head on a cot next to her daughters’ bed, but sleep would only come in bursts as her daughter’s breathing would awaken her from time to time.
It was during this night that the mother would awaken to witness a blessing. As she slid off the cot wearied and exhausted to check on her daughter yet again after hearing her coughing, she saw a nurse standing vigil at her daughters’ bedside, holding, caressing and softly speaking to her, calming any fears the coughing fit may have brought on. With tears in her eyes, the mother knew she could lay her head back down to rest as God had brought an Angel in the night.
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Grace and Peace, Coming joy
I Praise God for all He is doing in Annah's life. May God continue to watch over you and Annah.
What a mighty God we serve.

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Annah: My Personal Miracle: On November 30 2014, one day before her 28th birthday, Annah went in for surgery to have her blocked gall bladder removed. After surgery the surgeon stated that Annah did well and was in recovery, but that her gall bladder had in fact been dead for at least two weeks. She should have been septic/worse off than she was. Today December 15th Annah had a follow up with her surgeon. He was surprised with how well she looked and was doing. He then shared with me that he was not sure if Annah would even make it home. WOW Once again God has demonstrated through Annah that He is in control and that He still has a purpose for her, not only her, but for each of us. I have been truly blessed to have a front row seat in all of this as God continues to demonstrate His love through Annah and all she goes through. The doctor did share how I could be a doctor with all the care Annah requires, but I have decided not to follow that path and to just be content with being a professional hospital bed changer HA. Please be encouraged that you don’t have to walk alone as God not only wants to walk beside you, HE will if you ask.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4
Yes God thank You for comforting Annah and myself through each day. You have brought Annah through near death for Your purpose and we will continue to put our hope and trust in You.
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Here are a couple pieces I wrote of how God spoke to me during Annah's hospital stay:

Yes You Are Worthy
By Barb Sybil
“I asked myself, Was it worth it? Eleven years of my life poured out in selfless service for the African people and now this? The minute I expressed that, God’s Holy Spirit settled over that terrible scene and He began to speak to me.”
‘“My daughter, the question is not “Is it worth it?” The question is, “Am I worthy?” Am I, the Lord Jesus who gave His life for you, worthy for you to make this kind of sacrifice for Me.’ And God broke my heart,” Helen continues. “I looked up and I said, ‘Oh Lord Jesus, yes, it is worth it, for You are worthy!’” (Helen Roseveare was an elderly missionary to Congo, Africa, via Standing Strong Through The Storm devotional)
I had just laid Annah down in her bed and returned to the living room turning down the lights and the worship music up so that I could spend time in worship and prayer with God. I needed to feel His comfort and love. I danced around in the living room worshiping and giving God thanks. Then from a mother’s heart I cried out to my heavenly Father, Dad no more pain. Please no more pain for Annah. It was then that the above devotional was brought to my memory and I to was asked, Am I Worthy enough for your daughter to go through all this? Am I Worthy? It brought me to my knees in tears and I cried out my reply, Yes Daddy You are worthy. She is Yours not mine. It was then I felt Him ask, will you lay her at the altar? At my feet? Still crying I replied Yes Dad, and there in my living room I lifted my arms out as though Annah was in them and laid her at the altar that I saw before me. She is Yours, Your will, help me to know how to pray. The memories of countless lives that Annah has touched through all these 28 years came flooding back. Lives that were impacted for Christ, not as much through her good days, but through the pain and uncertainty of whether she will make it through yet another surgery or hospital stay. Yes Father You ARE Worthy, Thank You for loaning her to me until the time You deem right to call her home. It was then that His peace filled the room and me. It was only a few hours later that the extent of this encounter with my heavenly Father would have such a deeper impact as it was HIS peace that carried me through another hospital stay that would require surgery and uncertainty. He not only poured His peace into me, but opened my eyes to see His hand and lover all around us. We serve a mighty God and we may not understand why we are going through what we are going through so may I in return ask you if you can say Yes Dad You are worthy, What You did on the cross for me makes this all worthy for You.

Pierced for My Transgressions

As I looked upon the scar forming on my daughter’s side where the drainage tube had been, I recalled how Christ also had been pierced in His side, pierced for my transgression. Not out of hate as some may assume from the religious leaders or the Romans, but out of Love for me. A deep love that pierced deeply into his side, pouring out the essence of who He is and what He came to do. To lay down His life so that I may live, but not to just live, but to love and live life abundantly. To give hope to weary souls, the knowledge that there is something better coming. As He hung on that cross in what appeared to be lifeless form, revealed His life by pouring it out over all who would choose to receive Him, as His pierced side released His love on us all.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful daughter. She has made it through an entire year with no hospital stay. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Annah is a living testimony of how God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. She has overcome near death several times. Ultimately God is our great physician.

29 years old and God still has a plan for Annah and if He has a plan for her than God has a plan for you.
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Last year several people sent Annah a total of 49 balloons while she was in the hospital. Once she came home, I released 2 to 4 balloons over a two week time frame with a note of encouragement. This year I would like to do something a little different.
CHALLENGE: purchase a balloon when your out this week and put the following note on it and let it go:
Annah: Read about my story at and click on Annah and leave a message at
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11).
God has a plan and purpose for me and HE has one for you! (place your first name and state on the back side so we can see where they end up)
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WOW, Around this time seven years ago, Annah was discharged from Hospice. Seven years ago March 2, Annah was admitted into the hospital for emergency bowel surgery. Though she came through surgery fine, her bronchial tubes became clogged. She would spend two weeks in the ICU. Twice during that time her lungs would collapse, putting her on a respirator. Her lung would collapse for a third time once she was sent to a regular room. She was then sent home on hospice after spending three weeks in the hospital, given only days to weeks to live.
She continues to amaze me and touch countless peoples lives. If you are discouraged and believe God cannot use you, think again. He uses my daughter daily.

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