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Hi, Annah for the most part is doing better. She has been having troubles falling asleep which make both of us tired.

I have found another doctor to take her to. She has an appointment on the 25th with the new doctor.

Through it all I know we are not walking this journey alone. God has placed all of you by our side as HE also walks with us.
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This hospital stay has been full of things that have left the doctors scratching their heads.

The abcess disappeared then she developed pnuemonia then strep showed up in her blood. Through it all Annah continues to amaze me.

Annah is coming home today. She still has pnuemonia but we can manage it at home.

A prayer is I am looking for a new Family Practice Doctor for her. So prayer for wisdom to find one that will work with us.

Thank you all for your continual prayers.

Well good for her that she's home now and the abcess is gone. But how is the pnuemonia? Is it getting better?
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Annah is doing well. She still has moments of fussiness and need of oxygen at times while sitting up. Over all she is doing well. We see a new doctor on the 25th of June.

As far as her pneumonia it seems to have cleared up. Annah does so much better when at home and can move around more which is better for the lungs.

She just finished her antibiotics 3 days ago. Will let you know now the new doctor is.
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Here we go again

Annah has been struggling with pain for several days and lack of sleep now for 2.

I took her to see her pulmonary dr and he said her lungs sounded fine but ordered a chest xray and put her back on antibiotics. Have not heard if the xray showed anything or not.

She sees her new dr on Wednesday afternoon but Im not sure she will make it til then.

I give her 800 mg of motrin through out the day and sleep aides at night but that is not helping.

Praying I do NOT have to take her to the ER.

I so do not understand nor like seeing her struggle and not be able to say why or what and where it hurts.

I know God is in control and it is for HIS glory though I am not seeing the purpose right now.

Father please help your daughters here. Please grant Annah peace and rest from the pain and grant me the wisdom to understand what to do for my daughter. Father I am tired and hurt for Annah. I know You are in control and know all. Please Father bring comfort and relief. Hold us close too You. AMEN
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Thank you my friend, how true about faith.

Annah had several test done this week. A chest x ray, abdominal x ray, blood work and an ultra sound. ALL came back normal. Though she is not crying out as much she is still struggling with pain of some sort. It has been starting around 2 in the afternoon.

Last night it was almost as though she just needed me by her, so I am wondering if part is emotional which could be due to her period starting which also explains some of the pain.

This precious gift of a daughter goes through so much and still smiles. I so need to learn this from her.

Prayers are still needed as she is not getting to sleep before midnight and that is taking its tole on us both.

Annah and I are so very blessed by all the support, prayers and love from you all.
Last night it was almost as though she just needed me by her, so I am wondering if part is emotional which could be due to her period starting which also explains some of the pain.
Barb, I think God is saying that Annah feels very vulnerable most of the time these days and is frightened because she can't express that fear effectively. So, yes, it is emotion based.

Still praying,

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Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. So much happening with life.

Annah for the most part is doing well. I believe she had another seizure a few weeks ago. When I got out from the shower Annah was non responsive. She would not look at me and was limp. She acted as she did after her other seizures. Though I can not be positive. Since then I have not seen any more signs. There was nothing to do but to continue with monitoring her.

So since then she continues to do well for the most part. She has her times when she is fussy and when she is full of smiles but dont we all.

I am now in the Fall semester of college and am enjoying what I am learning.

I want to thank you all for the love, support and prayers you give us

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Hi everyone, Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted. Over all Annah is doing ok. She still has her off days but then dont we all lol. I can hardly believe she will be 24 in 2 months. To think that a year and a half ago she was not expected to live.

As for me well I could use prayers as my college classes are a bit intense this quarter. As much as I would like to say math is my friend I cant as it is the throne in my side right now lol.

If I havent posted in awhile please feel free to message me and ask how things are going.

Annah continues to press on and if she can then so can I even in math.

Blessings to you all
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Prayers needed please!

Annah has been a bit more tired which makes her transfers to and from her wheel chair more difficult.

Tonight I hurt my back while transfering her to her chair.

Please pray for strength for Annah and healing for us both. The pain is increasing at the moment. I am hoping that the pain reliever will help and that it is not worse in the morning.
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How much more?

Last night Annah had a grand mal seizure where she turned grey and completely stopped breathing for up to a minute. It looked as though she had died. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance where they did blood work and a CT scan. They both came back normal. Annah was given some seizure medicine and sent home. I will be calling her neurologist Monday morning.

How much more does she need to go through?
Barb, have you ever read "God On Mute - Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer" by Pete Grieg? It offers profound insights on this very vexing issue. I think it is still in print.

Still praying,

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I have not heard of that book before. Right now I am struggling with keeping up with the reading for school. I believe I will have to pull out of school at the end of this semester as Annahs health needs my full attention. Still praying about it.

Annah is doing well. Though the pharmacy failed to deliver her seizure medicine over the week end. That may have been a blessing in disguise as when I spoke with the neurologist this morning they want to put her on something that will make her less drowsy if they put her on anything. She has an appointment Wed morning.

Thank you all for the continual prayers.
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Annah had her neurology appointment today. They are putting her on seizure medicine. They are starting her on a low dose and will gradually over the next 6 weeks increase the dose to where they want it at. The side effect I am to watch for is a rash as it can look like a burn and put her into the hospital. That is where things stand now.
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Annah has developed a rash on the back of both legs. One of serious side effects of the new seizure medicine is a rash as this could be an allergic reaction. The neurologist had be bring her in so they could check out the rash. Not sure if it is the medicine or not. I am suppose to stop the seizure medicine for one day and then start it up again on Thursday to see if there is a difference in the rash. She has been a bit fussy but over all is fairing better than mom is.

No matter what God IS still in control. Taking things one moment at a time.

Will let you all know how it goes.

Blessing to you all and Happy Thanksgiving.
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Happy Birthday

WOW Praise God Thank You Jesus.

Annah was born 24 years ago today. To think back on her life she should not have survived but we have an amazing God. Annahs life is a wonderful testimony of Gods love and how He uses ALL people.

I am so very blessed to be her mother and to have her as my daughter.

I love you Annah Happy Birthday. Miracles still do happen!
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Annah has been doing well for the most part. We have been slowly increasing her seizure medicine and so far Annah is doing well on it.

The past few days she has had a cough that I am watching and today I had a hearing test. I was also told I am running a low grade temp and have a sore throat.

I would ask for prayer for my hearing as I was told there is moderate loss in the right ear and mild loss in the left to high pitches which means little kids and women are the hardest for me to hear clearly. I am to go back in 6 months to repeat the hearing test to see if there is any change.

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