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ANyone else have animals, besides me?

We have 8 cats, and we dress them in custom made clothes. From sport jackets, coats, shades, and football jerserys, bandanna's. Looks real nice on them, we also might get them some socks to wear.

Yes, I have 3 dogs. Three big german shepherds. I love them sooo much. The oldests name is Deacon,second oldest is Heaven, and the youngest is Balto. Balto is the son of Deacon & Heaven. Balto was born on Christmas morning. Balto has two sisters Noel and Faith. We sold them though. Faith is with a nice 15 year old boy and Noel lives on a farm here in New Jersey. I wonder what thay are doing right now.
Thats cool, its always nice to have pets. Its one of the things that makes us happy from day to day, even tho the world is suffering. Even when bad times cometh upon us, one of the things that makes us happy is animals, from GOD, which i might add.
Between me and my daughter, we have, listed in order from newest to oldest:
1 male rat (Joey)
1 female cat (Jade)
1 Jack Russel Terrier (Jack)
1 male cat (Onyx)
2 Cockatiels (Rocky and Lemon)
1 female rat (Angel)
1 female Black Widow spider (Charlotte)
1 Chilid type fish (Geronimo)
1 Beta fish (Jorge, pronounced George)

Altogether, that equals 10!
I have three dogs soon to be four.I have a rottwieller named bear and two chihuahuas.Soon to be three chihuahuas . there names are molly mae, chili louies and yet to be determined.
Formerly Adiaglow
We have 2 cats! Their names are Mischief & Misty. They're sisters. We got them from my husbands mom, who lives in Georgia. We completley fell in love with them when we were visiting, and they slept with the entire time we were there.
Next on our list are a couple of puppies. We hate seperating them when they have been around each other, so we look for siblings or buddies. (make sense?)
Good topic!!
Staff Member
Aftere being alive for 25yrs, I finally got a puppy. He's a poodle and his name is Lukcy (pretty cool eh? lol). A poodle is the last type of dog I would have selected but we adopted him from the shelter, and the only dog that is acceptable in a house with people who have major allergic reactions to dust / hair, etc.

He's really cool and just cracks me up. He gets so excited when I take him out to walk. He starts making this funny sounds (out of excitement). He sounds like the comedian Mr.Bean (that guy is hilarious).

Animals are all 100% innocent beautiful creatures of GOD. So amazing.
We have a german sherpard and love bird. is a big change for us to have only 2 animals we were at 12 for a while. Chad I had to laugh when i read your post you just don't strike me as the poodle type, but won't go there. lol