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When is anger justifiable and when is it not? Is anger always justifiable (thus leaving the question one of "when is it justifiable to act out in anger")? Or, is it never justifiable (the argument of "God is in control of everything so humans have no place to be angry because to be angry would mean being in disagreement with something God has ordained")?
Are you a Christian or atheist or agnostic?

Anger is just another part of our being made in the image of God. Love, hate, jealousy, anger are part of man's normal makeup. You can be angry at whatever makes you angry. Who a person is, and their world view, will determine what makes them angry. How one acts on the anger is usually where the trouble comes.

If God didn't want man to be angry at times He wouldn't have given us a temper. And we wouldn't have been in His image.


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