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angels among

this is a story i wrote its not a real story but i wrote it for my husband because he is my angle and god blessed me with him :

once upon a time there was a women filled with pain and sorrow from past experiances. one day she was sitting by the lake and she looked around god made the sky so beautiful he colored it with pink and purple, with a golden trim around the clouds. the trees in full bloom flowers were blooming all around her a soft breeze blew through her hair. god seen she was still sad and new she was lonely so he looked over the whole earth for the perfect man for her and seen there was none for her that could feel the gap she had in her heart so he looked over to his angels and called them over to him . we picked one that had a gift of love. god told him go to her and fill her heart with these gifts i have given you compassion, trust,faith ,and love. i send you to her for a short time till you are needed back here. the angel soared down to earth and got tangled in the trees, he injured his wing. the girl walked throught he forest and found him there she seen him and she began to wrap his wing. the angel ministered to her and give the gifts from god and told her she must use them for them to remain with her. saddened she looked at the angel, love, trust,faith, compassion, she never felt love before. the angel then smiled a smile that lit the stars warmth filled the girls heart. they spent time over looking the water and they grew close. night fell and the angel called her over to him look at the sky ,she looked up and there was a sky lit up with stars a moon glowing over the water. she then noticed how the stars formed in a shape of a heart, look at that she said. yes the angel said that is the gift of love from god he has given it to you. she felt a warm feeling rising in her and she began to smile. ive never smiled before she thought. the angel put his arm around her and they fell asleep under the stars. she woke up the next day realizing the love she had for the angel she couldnt wait to see him again. then while she was walking god spoke to her. god said i have given you the love you feel for the angel,but you must know i cant let him stay he must return home soon. the girl began to weep.
she thought maybe i can tie him up and that way he can not return . so she planned it then returned to the angel. there he was sleeping and she began to tie his wings after she finished he awoke.
i must go the father has called me home. he struggled and faught with the ropes. then the girl felt a tug in her heart and compassion filled her her eyes filled with tears when she walked over to him she cut the ropes then said im sorry i just didnt want you to leave. the angel hugged her. i must return home god needs me but you will see me again some day. till then look at the stars when you feel lonely they will release the pain you feel. he soared off to the heavens,then trust filled her heart she knew that she would see him again and she trusted god to keep the love alive in her. she sat out under the stars and one star shined so bright she wondered how it did, god spoke and said the star shines for my son who has been born and died and raised from the dead those who have faith will enterin to my kingdom so they may have everlasting life. faith filled her heart and she then smiled i have faith in your son god and in you you have given me the love i never knew and the compassion i have never felt for others. thankyou for your love. the end please let me know how you liked it
Staff Member
Excellent story Michelle :) Very sweet and simply perfectly put!
Dear Michelle,

I had to read it twice, sister, and loved it! Thank you, it not only was sweet but refreshing..:note:You are a blessing! :note2:
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ur story touched me and has been wonderful. loved it alot lol wat a narration. thnx