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Angels Again, But Not The Right Kind

I agreed with Chad's recent post about "Angel Soft" toilet tissue.

I tried to e-mail the product manufacturers, but they seem to have blocked e-mails from coming in. As Calluna said, I think Chad "ruffled their feathers" (Their fake angel feathers).

You know, I wish that the world would at least have respect for the things of God. Even if they personally don't have respect, to at least refrain from disrespect for the respect of christians!
I was accosted by "angel" advertising again today, which is what caused me to write this. I was merely trying to check my e-mail, twice today, and both times an ad from Victoria's Secret was trying to sell me what they called their "Angel bra"

The Lord God created intimacy and the enjoying of each others' bodies for matrimony! Yet the world makes a public spectacle of scantily clad people (usually women), in order to sell their products. The Lord meant for these kind of outfits or lack of outfits to be only between the husband and the wife. He didn't mean for it to be public and used to make money and incite lust.

We need to pray, especially for our daughters. It is hard for them to learn how to dress simply and modestly because of all this media garbage. Thanks.
Unfortunately Dreamer

making money has become more important that anything else. Money is a false god and we can only feel sorry for those who worship this false god. God has given me far more in the last 12 years than billions of dollars could buy. He has given my back my self respect, choices, privileges, oh and I could go on for a long time.

The angels would just laugh, perhaps we should too.
Staff Member
GOD will judge those who hate Him. They will receive their due very soon. In the meantime, let's reach the lost souls who have at least a mustard seed of faith in them
agreed. chad is rite, also i agree with lisette. we can not let the devil steal our joy. may happyness and joy be with you all godbless you!

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