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Angel Story

Staff Member
A ray through the clouds is like an angel's smile
A stairway to the unseen into Heaven's endless mile
The ray beams of joy for those in love with the pure
For GOD's blessings rain heavy and His love endures

I was told to wait for love for it is patient and sweet
It lacks nothing from Heaven above for it is complete
GOD said "I will bless you son with an angel from me"
I heard, saw and felt the miracle in motion amazingly

Days of vanity and memories of lonliness forever the past
Here is GOD's creation in woman forever and ever at last
She speaks of wisdom so sweet like the sound of a bird
Makes a blind man see visions and music to the deaf be heard

My heart sings in the key of joy and beats to the rythm of love
Like a newborn child of GOD's resting by the angel dove
The perfect moment in life this I will see when you I behold
First time in my arms, forever Heaven's love will last I am told

I long for the day to melt with you as two does into one
Aching beautifully to break the waiting of our first kiss begun
So I will sing songs of praise to GOD Almighty for you my dear
All shall past and the new day of rejoice with you and GOD is near
Wow Chad ! May Gods blessings rest upon you and all he has instore for you . Mike

That was beautiful, if only I was 23 years younger and didn't have brother!!!!!!! Waiting on the Lord might seem like it takes forever, but when you know it is Him that sends that special someone into your life. You will never regret waiting for that special someone.

Never knew you were such a talented writer. You should post more of your writings.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:


wow chad,
that was really awesome!
I believe only God gives true inspiration.
And let me tell ya what, you got it!
God Bless