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Angel Soft?

Staff Member
Recently I've seen this disturbing toilet paper commercial on TV for the brand "Angel Soft". I can't seem to help but get disturbed by the name for a toilet paper product. They also potray two men dressed up as angels with wings (the common worldly delusional image of what angels look like). I may be n the wrong here but I don't recall angel having feathered wings. Flying, yes they do/can but feethered wings? Forgive me if I'm wrong.

I still think its rather stupid and insulting to GOD's angels to name such a product. Typical worldly marketing or me making a big deal over nothing?

You think about it: GOD's angels. Toilet paper product named "Angel Soft".

I felt the need to send them a quick comment through their site. This is a the copy below.


I am curious of your brand name "Angel Soft". What does "soft" have to do with Angels and why would you use Angel in your TOILET PAPER product name? Do you not find it disturbing to name toilet paper Angel soft? Where do you come off with such a ludicrous idea like that? Do you have any proof or reason that Angels are "soft" in the first place? I am certainly curious and disgusted by your marketing of this product.

Await to hear a response which I can safely assume is senseless.


I know, probably a bit hostile or rough edged but these things are really disturbing. What about companies that use the horned devil (another delusional image of satan) image as their logo?

What is your opinion and thoughts on this? Am I having a bad day or being reasonable? For me, I can't seem to settle for "its only toilet paper".
I agree. We need to take a stand against things that portray God and things of God in unholy ways.

Commercials have become a devil's tool. Things that should be personal items are treated as public conversation in commercials. It is shameful.

Thank you for writing the letter to the advertisers about the toilet paper. You are right in doing so.
I think you may have ruffled a few of their feathers Chad with your comment

i liked this post.

You have got to admit Chad

that there is nothing anything softer than Angel Soft.....so soft like there is nothing there. I understand your objection and am much more fond of the kittens in the Royale ad. You are right that angels and toilet tissue don't really go together.:messenger
Ok honestly I never gave it much thought before.. feeling now awkward because I buy that brand alot... hmmm...I really don't know what to say...(yes I know Bobbie at a loss for words is kinda shocking lol)

Let me know what they respond the answer might be interesting..
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