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Angel of Protection

Angel of Protection
Snowflakes danced across the sky the sky so dark and gray, But the night began to fall rather quickly and little 9 yr. Old Kevin had played in the woods all the time he knew everything about the woods. The night began to fall pretty quickly and the snow was falling harder so he decided he better head back home. It was no longer a typical snow flurry it was beginning to become a blizzard making it hard to see, Kevin grew nervous because he couldn’t remember which direction he had come from all around him began to appear the same.
Meanwhile his mom stood out on the front porch hollering for him. She knew he was in the woods she turned to her husband asking,” Charles, Kevin hasn’t come home and the snow storm is growing fierce will you go find him please?” Charles grabbed his coat and his flashlight and headed out towards the woods. He carried his 22 riffle with him incase a cougar decided to jump out at him. Charles knew something had to be wrong for Kevin to not return home when the snow picked up. Charles carried his knife in his hand marking the sapling trees as he walked through the forest that way he could find his way back. The blizzard was so heavy the winds were roaring and he grew more and more nervous about his son. He hollered for his son. “Kevin, where are you son?” Kevin was only growing further and further deeper in the forest. He began to panic. He stumbled across an animal dug cave and decided the smart thing to do is await for someone to come looking for him so he took refuge there. He was hungry, cold, and growing tired. He began to cry. Charles continued marking his path as he went in further. He began to grow frantic “ Kevin, where are you son? “ He yelled. Kevin was so far back in the forest, that he couldn’t hear his father. The night was coming on so quickly that Charles knew that he had to get help to find his son. He turned back because he knew that he could call from his CB for help. He made it back to his truck and Radioed the town sheriff. Charles said “Sheriff, my boy is missing he is in the forest and I cant find him. “ the Sheriff responded back saying,” ok Charles I am a mile away from your house I will dispatch the others to come as well we will find Kevin.” Sheriff Lancaster radioed the deputies in the area to meet him at Charles house. Kevin’s mother stood at the door. Charles, “you didn’t find Kevin?” he turned to her and shook his head no. She began crying and went inside and fell to her knees. “Lord, please bring my son home safely with no marks on him safe and sound.”
Kevin was in the cave wondering if he should try to find his way home, because he was so cold. He began to pray to “Lord, please I want to go home I want to be with my mom please help me.” A light shined in front of the cave Kevin got up and walked towards the light. It was an old man with an old fashioned lantern “Son are you ok?” the man asked. The old mans dingy worn out clothes and dirty appearance made Kevin a little nervous but he wanted to go home. “Sir, I’m lost I cant find my way out of here and I am scared.” The old man stretched out his hand to help Kevin up, “Come with me son I will help you.” Kevin thought for a moment then held out his little hand. The old man helped him to his feet and he told the boy not to worry that he knew the way he would see he gets home.
Meanwhile the police and his father searched the woods the hounds were brought in to assist. Kevin’s mom walked up to a group of officers bring coffee to them in a thermos “oh, thank you mamma “one said. They poured the hot steaming coffee in the mugs as she watched the steam rise, She said,” I know my boy is fine officers he will be home soon. The Lord heard my cry.” They smiled and one replied, “yes, mam he will.”
The old man held Kevin’s hand never saying a word to him along the way. Kevin then spoke to the old man; you are an angel aren’t you. The old man never answered. Kevin knew though. They walked for a good little bit and Kevin could start to see lights up a head. The old man let go of Kevin’s hand, “go son you are safe from here. “ Kevin then started to walk away but he
Turned to the old man. The old man looked at Kevin and smiled then said,” Go it isn’t of importance who I am you know the answer within your heart.” Kevin then run towards the lights his heart pounding him crying out to them, “I’m here!” The dogs howled for they smelt his sent. Kevin’s father heard Kevin yelling out so he began to run towards the sound. Darkness all around him he yelled to his son, “Kevin, I’m here son I am right here!” “Dad! Dad! Where are you? I here you!” The boy filled with excitement, and eagerness running towards his voice. They ran up to each other. Kevin weeping jumped up in his dad’s arms. He embraced his son tightly. Rubbing the back of his head. He carried his son out of those woods tears rolling down his face. “Oh daddy, I am so happy to see you.” Kevin turned and saw his mother standing there He jumped down and ran to her she fell to knees with her arms open wide they held each other. Mom I was so scared till this angel come and led me home. She kissed his cheeks, “ oh son! Glory to God you are safe! Thank you Jesus for sending an angel to rescue my son!”
The sheriff who helped with the search team walked over to them. “Son you had us worried.”
“I was with an angel he led my way.” Kevin said.
The sheriff patted Kevin on the head, ”well son next time don’t play so far off ok. An angel huh, he smiled then walked off.” Kevin’s dad walked over to his wife and son embraced them so tightly and quietly whispered to them. I love you so much. Thank you Lord for watching over my family. They walked off towards the house Kevin still in his mothers arms watching the police drive off he glanced towards the woods there he saw the old man appear smiling at him.
Kevin waved at him and then the old man disappeared.
The End

Ps 91:14-92:1
14" Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him
and show him my salvation."

(from The Holy Bible: New International Version.
Great story Forever ! :love: I pray Angels over and around my children everyday . Thaks for taking time to post this . :love: :boy_hug: MikeT4G

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