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Angel encounter

I guess this is where I post this.

Ok lets see, I was about 1 year old and my sister was about 5 months. We we're at church in a day care preschool thing. There was security and no one was able to go into the room. There was only one way to get in there and a lady was sitting there the whole time, making sure no one came through. So a lady (the angel) came in the class and prophesied that we we're going to be missionaries. She said this to me and my sister. She couldn't have known we we're sisters. Then when she left she disappeared. Our teacher followed her out and she couldn't find her. She asked the security lady if she saw the lady (angel) come in there and she said that no one ever came in or out. They looked for the lady(angel) for months. She never came to church and we never saw her again. We figured it had to be an angel.

I hope you can understand that It's kind of hard to explain.

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thats so kool! thats the first iv heard of sumthin like that...well u no wot u gotta do then! :p thanks for sharin, c u around
Thats really great! You shoud go for it! Thank you for sharing your story with us! God Bless You!