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Angel blessing

Angel blessing
written by : Michelle Ross

Christmas time had arrived. People hanging their Christmas decorations and streaming the lights . Busy streets , and crowded stores.
I love to walk along the streets seeing all the decorations and animated ornaments. The cold air filled the night as I pulled my coat even tighter to my body. I watched people walk by hurrying to find that special present and those discounted deals .
Christmas bows and streams of ribbon hands full of presents and shopping bags in just about in every ones hands .the children gathering around the toy store looking at the Christmas display of joy lights up their little faces, When I happen to notice her and her two little children. Why they caught my eye they seem no different then all the rest. I stood along side them as they peered in. It was a mother with her son and daughter as they looked in at a little manger she was stooped down with her pale hands around their sides. two beautiful children with such little happy faces and the mother smiled all though her eyes seemed so filled with sadness.
This is when I heard the daughter who appeared to be maybe six . She looked at her mother and this is what I heard,
“Mama will we have a Christmas tree this time?” “The boy he excitedly said , “I want a baby Jesus for the top mommy can we please?” And her reply cut so deep in my heart. As she embraced them close to her side I heard her voice with tears held back she responded, “I don’t think so baby not this year you know money has been so tight. I don’t even know what will have for a dinner.” The little boy with a smile he said “momma I got .50 I can by that baby Jesus for the top of the tree.” And the little girl said, “mommy I still have a dollar from grandpa.”
That just pierced through my heart as a sword, and tears began to fill my eyes .
Just then I knew what I needed to do, but I asked myself what Can I do to help them I haven’t much but then I thought for a moment how those two children was willing to give all they had to help their momma. I walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. She turned to look at me. I said, “mam I think you dropped this,” and I handed it to her then began to walk away when she hollered out to me, “Sir wait! This isn’t mine.” A smile filled her face when I turned winked and said, “Mam it is yours I seen it fall from your pocket.”
Then the children asked, “mommy what is it?”
This is what I heard her say, “it’s an Angel blessing that’s what it is we are going to have a Christmas.” They were so excited as they run in the store. The laughter, and excitement as they pointed to the little manger in the window display. The clerk pulling it out to wrap it .

I seen the mothers saddened eyes brighten. To me that was the best Christmas for me it was all I really needed. It may have been all I had on me but it was worth every penny to me .
Remember what Christmas really is about its not the gifts we receive or give it’s the joy of knowing that A savior was born on this day who gave us the greatest gift of all. He gave all he had to bring us this gift. So we may have eternal life in Heaven. What can we give him back?
All he asked is for our love and to give to others the same love as he has shown all of us.
The end
i just want to thank you for the awe inspiring message. When i read this is brought tears streaming down my cheeks and caused a lump in my throat. What i need to remember when i am caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is that there are so many who have things far worse than I do . Thank you again for readjusting my sights and keeping me grateful for what i do have which is due to His divine grace.

Thanks Again,
Your brother in Christ

dear friend thankyou so much for sharing this with me. I am blessed by everyones openions but mostly blessed the Lord gives me these stories. To be honest sometimes I cry as i write them I did with this one. Your comment touched my heart and let me know that yes I do have a purpose for the stories I write. Sometimes I get alittle frustrated and wonder if I am really called to write or is it me that loves to write. God bless you for sharing this with me.
That was soooooo inspiring.........
(made me cry....alot...)
It is true though.
God bless

I just wanted to share with all of you all that this is one of the first stories I have finally gotten published! praise the Lord for that opened door. it got published in a local christain paer around here in my home town!:icon_biggrin:
I thank God....

I thank God that he has blessed you with this gift to share with us, Michelle.
while reading, the true power of Jesus came over me.
I think god have gave to you and for all of us that are here one of the gratest experience of the time i amhere intalk Jesus.
The holly Spirit are really over your live and also over thats Childrens.
God will forever take care of them and alo of you.
God bless you !
I didnt want anyone to be misled by this story it is a fictional story but you know thousands of familys every year go without having a Christmas but us brothers and Sisters in Christ can make a difference not only by what we give in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm. Every word we release into their lives is seed well planted that some day can manifest. Seeds of prosperity, salvation, faith, love, and so mny more types . God will supply the word to feed those who need it. Just be a willing vessel for him to use . God bless you all your sister in Christ forever