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And she is still in my psyche?

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so, after 9 years , this woman is still in my heart and mind. I have prayed myself many times to either remove her, or to show a sign she is meant to be "here". The signs I got in abundance BTW. 12 months ago she bought a house with someone else. But yet she is still "here" . I did pray for the one 8 years ago, and not long after she turned up getting my attention, however it never evolved beyond that, no dates, no exchange of phone numbers even.(its a very long story). I know I am a rational mature aged person, and its way out of my charater to be obsessed by someone, as i am an introvert, I dont even have any friends for goodness sake. So, can some Godly person please pray on my behalf and get to the bottom of this? I am worried this is some sort of satanic attack.
Being an introvert is no guard against obsession. Quite the opposite.

If she's bought a house with someone else, that's a clear indication she's intending to stay around, and that she's committed to someone else.

The answer is not for her to relocate, but for you to direct your attention elsewhere.

If you currently have no friends, then cultivating some healthy friendships might be a good place to start.