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an old tarnished watch

Discussion in 'Stories' started by foreverwjesus, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. A man sitting on an old park bench in dengy torn clothes. his hair all matted and tangeled but yet he always smiled. in his hands he holds an old warn out tarnished pocket watch. everyday he sat there and periodically he would open his pocket watch and click it shut. I would sit and watch the old man while i sat under a shaded tree reading my book and feed the ducks in the pond.I wondered why this old man was here every day the same time and always stares at his watch, one day i decided to walk over and greet my self to the smiling old man, hello sir my name is michelle what is yours, he smiled then answered" my name is peter, I see you every day sitting there under the shaded tree readig your book and at 3:45pm you feed the ducks, "now thinking this was rather odd that this old man kept time on me i decided to ask why" sir why do you keep time on me" he pulled out that old tarnished pocket watch, then said"this watch is special to me it is all i have left of my family".then i thought that watch was special to him that is why he watches the time so much. i sat down beside him as he opened the watch and inside of it on the lid was an old photo of a pretty little girl, i then said oh what a beautiful little girl. the old man smiled and then said yes that is my becky, she was seven then but now she lives in heaven. i began to feel saddened by the old mans story as he continued every day I would bring becky after school she would sit under that shaded tree you do and read her books. at 3:45 she would feed the ducks because we would leave to go home at 4:00.he then paused and tears filled his eyes and his hands shook you remind me of my becky, i said sir you dont have to say any more he said yes i want to continue he said one day we decided to go by way of subway and there was a women walking her little dog becky always held my hand till this day she reached down to pet the dog she let go of my hand and the dog snapped and jumped at her and she fell in the way of traffic and the car couldnt stop and hit her, i held her life less body in my arms. i began to cry and patted his hand and said sir im so sorry, he smiled at me then said its ok i know the lord and some day i can be with my becky again,im waiting for the day the lord will come to get me because i am ready. I left and went home i slept late the next day i woke up and packed a lunch ran to the park to await my new friend, there beneath the shaded tree i found the watch with a note it read this, today i finally get to go home with my becky but beings you took the time to know me i leave you this old warnout tanished pocket watch. the lord said you would treasure it thankyou my friend your simple hello to this old man ment alot. the moral of this story is:sometimes we see people that we normally wouldnt fellowship with and turn our heads from lisson because they to need to sharetheyre stories with someone. remember what the lord says what you do for one of them you do for me so see them as him and not just a bumb. maybe someday we can end hunger and homelessness god bless us all amen.
  2. al thankyou for sharing your dream with me it really blessed me, you know we never realize by blessing people that we bless others as well, even when they have no family they share what happened to others and it plants seed. love foreverwjesus
  3. That was very touching forever. Dont stop with the stories... it really makes me think yah know? God Bless you
  4. Praise the Lord I have you all to encourage me you all have been really a blessing as I have written my book i love you all
  5. Thanks again forever ... You are a true gift from the LORD . BROTHER
  6. thankyou for such a touching story, the holly spirt was definitly present.

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