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An Invitation to Trust

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But when I give you a message, I will loosen your tongue and let you speak. Then you will say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says!' Those who choose to listen will listen, but those who refuse will refuse, for they are rebels. Ezekiel 3:27 NLT

God had a message for a people determined to rebel. Ezekiel was one of several prophets God used to ensure that the people had every opportunity to turn away from the things they had done. He wanted them to have a mind-set that matched His own. Ezekiel was bold in sharing the message because it came from God, was honest, and contained invitation to trust.

God knows it's hard to fully trust someone who offers no choice. Maybe you've heard people make decisions for others then say, "Trust me. This is for your own good." The decision might be good, but imposing it on someone doesn't generally cause them to trust--only comply.

Ezekiel spoke God's truth, but the people had to decide for themselves if they'd trust. As today's verse says, "It's up to them. They can listen or not listen, whichever they like."

God has a message for you. He asks you to accept it. But receiving His truth will require trust.

Prayer: Dear God, You have given me a mind to think with. Help me to do so. You've given me an invitation to trust. Help me to believe. You've given me a choice. Help me to choose wisely.
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