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An intro to the book of DEUTERONOMY (devarim)= words


DEUT 1 1 through 3 verse 22.........ISA 1 verse 1 through 27..........1 TIM 3 1 through 7

Well, almost time to come on home. We start the last book of the original Torah, DEVARIM (words) We can imagine Moshe as a grandparent, sitting his grand kids and his sons, daughters on a large rug, and he reviews with them their life´s experiences, journeys, adventures, failures, etc, They listen to him, will they learn from their mistakes? seems not, what with the future adventures ahead, Elohim will chastise them for their sins, rebellion, yet will still love them.

Their adventures are numbered, the naming of judges or assistants to Moshe, the mission of the 12 spies, YHVHs punishment , failure at Horma, the years in the desert,
Israel s defeat of Sehon and Og, division of the promised land, Moshe s request to cross over.

We will see how these adventures can correspond to our own adventures in our lives as believers. Jethro counseled Moshe to name judges to help him judge and govern the people. As leaders, we also need the help of others around us to help us with our tasks on this side of eternity, there are no Lone Rangers in ministry, we can not do it alone, is it any wonder why Yeshua sent out his talmidim by 2s.

We are also tested in our faith, had the 10 other spies come back with a positive report, ¨Let s get em boys¨ the Israelites would have entered the promised land 40 years earlier, 40 is the number of testing, of trials, sometimes, when we fall down in our faith, and don t trust the LORD, we have to pay the price, sometimes it is an unequal marriage, wrong job, bad friends,

Then again, YHVH will lead us to conquerer giants, giants come as big obstacles, big problems, and when we trust HaShem, those giants will fall, just like Sehon and Og, BUT we have to follow the LORD and trust HIM. One thing about giants, the bigger they are , the harder they fall, but when we show a lack of faith, the bigger the giants, the harder WE will FALL.

But GOD also puts limits and barriers in our lives. YHVH did not allow Israel to occupy the land of Moab nor Edom, those lands were promised to the descendants of Lot and Esau, and they are part of the lineage of Abraham. We must learn in our spiritual walk, our DERECH EMUNAH that YHVH at times says NO, or puts roadblocks here and there, some times, we will find out why on this side of eternity, and....sometimes...we will find out the reasons on the other side of eternity.

This was especially hard for Moshe to swallow, he asked the LORD to let him cross over to the other side of the Jordan, GOD said ENOUGH, DO NOT SPEAK TO ME ANY MORE CONCERNING THAT ISSUE. in other words NO MOE, YOU NOT GO. however, we have to remember that 1500 years later, Moshe was allowed to enter, at the Mt of Transfiguration, where he represented the Torah and Eliyahu, the Haf Torah, and Yeshua, the Brit HaDasha

Moshe was allowed to see the promised land from afar, from on top of Mt Pisgah, one wonders if Moshe was allowed to see a gimpse of the future Israel, with the high rises, the modern IDF, the jet planes, etc... we can only wonder.

We can also hope for a bright future when we serve the LORD, sometimes YHVH allows us to see into the future, perhaps a new business venture, new ministry commitments, we just have to live each day, one day at a time, and if the LORD PERMITS.....things will fall in place


ISAIAH 1 1 through 27

This prophet had a rough job. Letting the people of Israel know that they are really in the wrong. When did YHVH ask sacrifices of them? or offerings? fat of lambs? Well, back in Exodus and Leviticus, he did, sacrifices are part of the 613 commandments. Yet these verses have double meanings. What good are sacrifices, offerings, fat of lambs, keeping the Sabbath, etc IF our hearts, attitudes, actions are FAR FROM ADONAI? well, they are worthless, we are just going through the motions, like rituals. Might as well just not offer up anything, until are hearts and minds are right before YHVH.

The prophet gives Israel a choice, IF YOU WANT, AND HEAR, YOU WILL EAT OF THE GOOD OF THE EARTH, IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE REBELS, YOU WILL BE CONSUMED BY THE SWORD. we have the same choice, to obey or disobey, to follow HaShem, accept Yeshua as our LORD and Messiah, and live by his commandments, OR reject the free gift of salvation, live a rebellious life style, and perish. The choices are still valid.


1 TIMOTHY 3 1 through 7

What are the requirements of church or synagogue leaders, the word here is BISHOP it comes from the Greek language meaning one who leads

These are high standards, some wonder if the requirement of HAVING ONE WIFE, means HAVING ONE WIFE AT A TIME, because in ancient times, some men had multiple wives, others think it might mean ONE WIFE IN A LIFETIME, disqualifying divorcees. But I have known ministers that are divorced and remarried and are truly men of GOD, so, what ever the exact meaning, we must be careful to present a good testimony before others.

And those minsters who are divorced and remarried, God loves you and these couples can have wonderful ministries, reaching out to others of broken and re made marriages.

Shabbat Shalom...............................Rabbi Ben Avraham