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An Enlightening Drive...

I want you to image you are going down a narrow dirt road surrounded by a forest of trees. It is a beautiful fall day, the sun is shining, but quickly sinking from the sky, the air is crisp and a refreshingly cool. As you are driving you start going up a hill. You are being a bit reckless and driving faster than the road indicates you should be. As you near the top of the hill you suddenly become afraid as you can no longer see the where the road is going. You begin to doubt if there is anymore road ahead of you. :confused: You slow down rapidly, fearing that the road will no longer be there as you overcome the top of the hill. You finally get over the hill and the road is still there, although it does drop off quickly on the other side. You regain confidence in the road and begin to speed up as you descend the hill. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, it turns and begins to ascend again. You are cautious, but ascend with more confidence this time. You are confident that the hill will hit a peak and on the other side the descent will begin once again. You get nearer to the top and slow down, beginning to once again fear that the road will end or the angle of descent on the other side will be steeper. Once again you are at the top, the other side is unseen to the eyes, but the road continues. It reveals itself and once again the descent is sharp. You start to enjoy driving on this road; it reminds you of being on a roller coaster. The last hill even gave you a tickle to you tummy as you overcame it. You get over the hill and begin to descend again. You climb another hill, noticing that this one is not as steep going up, and not as high as the ones you have already overcome. Once at the top, the road this time does not disappear and the angle of decline is quite a bit less. You also notice the depth you descend is not as low. As you continue to drive the road levels off but now begins to twist and turn. At first you are very cautious going around the corners, afraid of what may be on the other side, yet you are unwilling to simply quit the journey and go back; your destination is too important to you. You know that the possibility of there being a car being just around the corner, driving too recklessly to avoid a collision with you, is high. You also know the possibility is even higher of running into an animal who is venturing out of the forest of trees surrounding you. Your drive continues and you turn down a road that looks like it has been cut out of a hill, both sides of the road are high dirt walls. You come out of the other side of the “tunnel” to find a vast open field overlooking hills and trees. It is beautiful. In the distance you see a stop sign and begin slowing down to stop. As you are looking for traffic before proceeding you see a sing that reads, “Your destination is 1.75 miles back the road you had just come.” You laugh and turn around.
As you venture back, you reflect on your travels. :love:You hear a soft voice say, “In your life you are going to have ups and downs. You are going to be afraid of what is on the other side of the hill you are traveling. You are going to be nervous about what lies just ahead of you. And you are going to make wrong turns. I want you to know this: I will ALWAYS be there to help you overcome your hills. I will ALWAYS be there to help you out of the valleys. I will ALWAYS be there to help you around the obstacles. And when you go astray, I will ALWAYS be there to point you in the right direction. All I ask in return is for you to have faith.”:shade:

This was my experience on the way to a Christian Retreat. Lord, I thank you for giving me this experience. He let me know without a doubt that He was, is and will always be with me. As I was re-reading this, I noticed something else I want to point out. The road started with high, steep hills, but as I drove further they lowered and the valleys were not as deep. The nearer I get to God, the easier my up and downs are to get through and they do not seem to be as tough to overcome. I pray that God puts some hills, valleys, twists, and wrong turns in your life to help you draw closer to Him! I also hope this blesses you as it truly blessed me!

Thank you, Lord!

Wow thats great!!!! And what u ve leanrned from the Lord is true.If there was no sorrow we wouldnt ve realized what its like to be made happy,If there was no hunger we wouldnt ve known what it is like to enjoy our food,just like that!!!! God bless u all.Turn ur obstacle stones into footsteps towards sucess!!!