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An awesome and sad story--- it's true!!!

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This is a true story. Many of you most probably read it on the internet. My friend told me about it. Its too touching, I wanted to post it here.
The story is about a woman who didn’t have an eye- she had just the socket, the ball was gone. She had a son. She used to take him to school. He told here once that she was an embarrassment to him and that he didn’t want her taking him to school anymore. The kid eventually grew up and went to college. He moved to another state and moved on with his life. He still didn’t want to do anything with her. He has moved on.
One day, a long time after they have seen each other last, the mother went to his state to see him. He was called out to talk to her. He knew that it was her. He came out and said, “I already told you that you are an embarrassment to me and that I wanted to do nothing with you.” She said she was sorry and went back to her town.
The son had to go back to his home town for work and while he was there, he was told that his mother was severely sick. He went to see her but she had already died. She left him a letter that said, “Son I am so sorry that I have been an embarrassment to you your entire life. I came to see how you were doing but I guess you didn’t want to see me. The reason I don’t have an eye was because I gave it to you when you lost yours playing football as a child.”
The guy was so sorry that he displayed his story for the world to see on the internet! But he can’t bring her back because she is gone for ever!
What if you had your entire life displayed and you had Jesus standing beside you? He came down to earth leaving his glory and honor for you, was born in a manger for you, and lived a lowly life for you hated by every one. Then it was time and he was mocked for you, spat at for you, beaten half to death for you till his flesh started tearing up, carried the cross all the way to Golgotha for you, had nails hammered into his hands and legs for you, had a crown made of thorn stuck on his head for you, he suffered until he cried “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? My God My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” And he did all that for you!
Can you imagine how many nights the mother cried when ever she saw the empty socket in her eye? How many times has Jesus cried hanging on the cross? How many times does he cry and beg you to turn your eyes to him?
Oh Lord, open the eyes of my heart so I would see the incredible sacrifices you have done for me! Lord, let me be proud of you and make you proud! Worthy God, it’s amazing that you want me! I would be more than honored to have you and give my life to you!
Oh ye people, do you see that man hanging over that cross? Yes, the naked man soaked in blood! That’s for me!!! And I am proud! He reigns over the heavens and earth and even under and he is sitting by his father’s side in glory!
Don’t let it be too late! Don’t wait until he comes or you go to see his LOVE! Tell him about it when you still can! What ever you have done, he WILL ALWAYS TAKE YOU BACK!
He loves us till death---- AMEN!
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*Tears* That is definitely one of the most touching stories I've heard.

Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you JESUS!
Thank you very much for sharing such a moving testimony with us . Many will be blessed by it . :love: Mike

Gut Wrenching - I didn't want to read but glad I did. I sometimes get embarassed about talking about Jesus - don't wanna be seen as different amongst my friends.


Jesus - what a sacrifice...
Sleepy, I totally know what you are talking about sis! But this story has been such an incredible point to start to talk to people about Jesus!
Now, almost everyone I talk to, I first tell them the stroy then the incredible sacrifies Jesus did for us!
Jesus rocks
yea,i read this one before. it's really touching. i was shocked at finding out what the mother did for her child and it's so sad:) but thanks for sharing with us :)