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An Apology

Gents, not sure which forum area this should go in to so I thought I'd park it here.

Recently I made a thread in the 'Ethics' area which some deemed to be inappropriate for a site which has a number of younger users.

I was not my intention to cause anyone any offence (you people don't know me yet but I hope it will become apparent in future postings that such behaviour is not in my nature) however I apologise if this was the case.

My initial reaction of amnosity was due to an accusation leveled at me by one of the site moderators which has been withdrawn (thank you).

I am new to this level of Christianity and I have a lot of questions that I will be searching the answers for and I intend to use this site as a valuable resource in my quest. I pray that I gain the wisdom to word such questions appropriately as I know there are many learned people on this site who have a wealth of information to assist me.

I don't know what I can offer in return (I'm a great believer in knowledge-exchange) however if you just want a perspective then I'm willing to give it.

Should I make any further posts which anyone finds offensive or takes exception to then please get in touch with me and I shall withdraw or edit them as soon as possible.

I don't see any need for replies to this thread as I have said what I intended to do however if anyone wishes to add anything then that would be great but if the moderators wish to close this thread then please do so.
Welcome back brother and I hope we can talk together soon . I also apologize for my misplaced judgement of you . Mike