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Americas golden calf coming down

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Beloved, America is facing God's judgment--and we will never be the same! In the days to come, literally hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their homes. Why? They've leveraged them with equity loans, so they could play the stock market and try to strike it rich!

I tell you, the stock market has become Americas golden calf! People see it as a financial savior, and they worship it daily--trusting in it, depending on it, giving it all their energy and attention. But it's going to fall suddenly--and none of the small, individual investors will be spared. They'll suffer the most, losing their homes, their cars--everything!

I must ask you: "Are you prepared for what is coming? If not, are you acting now to get ready? When I speak of being ready, where do your thoughts take you? Do you think immediately of investments, bank accounts, survival plans, safety for your family?"

Yet, I believe it is much more important today for American Christians to focus on spiritual preparation--before the coming storm hits. Let me tell you why.

I believe that when the coming storm hits with full fury, and the nation is reeling with panic and fear, people will flee all false gospels and feel-good churches. Christians will forget about gospel entertainment and Christian TV, and they'll start demanding hard truth. They'll flock to hear godly pastors, demanding the true Word of God. Their cry will be, "Who will preach to us a prophetic, life-changing word?"

Sadly, many charismatic Christians today talk much about being Spirit-filled--but they are totally bankrupt of truth. They're not intimate with Christ--and so they don't know how to draw on His strength in truth. They don't tremble at the truth of His Word. They don't know how to walk in His resurrection power or live wholly dependent on Him. Instead, they twist, manipulate, and misinterpret His Word to accommodate their flesh.

Many pastors and evangelists today have no interest in seeking the Spirit of truth. They think they can call on the Holy Ghost at any time to come down and sweep away all the powers of hell. But these people won't be prepared for the dark times that are coming?

The only manifestations we'll see when the storm hits will be men and women falling to their knees in awe and fear of God. They'll be slain by the piercing, convicting, soul-cleansing preaching that comes from the Spirit of truth.

Indeed, today--while most of <st1:country-region><st1:place>America</st1:place></st1:country-region> focuses on its prosperity--God is waking a holy remnant in the church. These saints are on their faces, seeking Him with all their strength and crying out for a true Word from the Spirit of truth.

In recent months, our ministry has received hundreds of letters from pastors and believers who are repulsed by most of what they see in the church: hype, foolishness, entertainment, shallow preaching. They're crying out, "Enough! We're tired of seeing our pastors go to conventions and return only to introduce come new gimmick. We're sick of seeing the flesh accommodated. We're hungry for truth! We want to hear preaching that convicts us and challenges us to holiness and prayer."

Believer, you can rest assured--in the coming days of calamity, the true revival won't come through showboating, big-time preachers or TV evangelists. It won't come through prosperity teachings or other doctrines of false security. No--God's revival will come through a hidden company of pastors and lay people who have been in the <st1:place><st1:placetype>school</st1:placetype> of <st1:placename>Christ</st1:placename></st1:place>, learning His ways and trusting in Him. These will lead a revival of truth!

Yet not everyone is going to want truth. Many will turn to unbridled lust. Indeed, our society could see <st1:city><st1:place>Sodom</st1:place></st1:city> replayed a hundred times over. But, as our nation poises on the brink of chaos, many Americans will begin to seek truth, answers, life.

As for me, I want to face the coming times as " . . . a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth" II Timothy <st1:time minute="15" hour="14">2:15</st1:time>

I urge you: Ask the Lord to prepare you--His way--for the day "<st1:country-region><st1:place>America</st1:place></st1:country-region>'s golden calf" comes down. Seek His Spirit of truth in your secret closet. Learn to recognize His voice above all the worldly clamor going on in His church. Then you'll truly be prepared to face the coming storm.

Lets pray asking Lord to keep his Remnant prepared for his Appearance and keep them from every false teachings and prophets.
Greetings in Jesus name brother.When this might take place?which are u referring here the Golden calf that is US stock market or to the false prophets?
To the best of my knowledge i hope u know how the value of US dollar is being decreased gradually during the past recent years.hope u are aware of it.though i am not good at these stock market and exchange thing.what is stressed here in this article is do not depend on this golden calf.Trust in the Lord keep your faith life intact for the day today needs and also future needs.your total dependency on this calf might leave you miserable in the near future.Be prepared for the coming of the Lord.
As of false teachings an false prophets you can see them around you!so examine what is true and what is acceptable in the sight of God and go for it.
May the Lord lead you in his way everlasting.
First let me clarify that I am not in any way an advocate of the Christian religious institution. Here is my view point on this topic, the so-called church in America is very carnal, many pastors, bishops, and leaders or what ever title they give themselves are self promoting and preach another gospel. It is outright shameful but it is not a condition that exists only in America. I have met many pastors and leaders from countries all over the world and they want to be just like T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen or Benny Hinn. While America is definitely the epitome of materialism, the rest of the world is very jealous and desirous of America especially in the religious arena.

Judgement comes first to the house of God, I'm sure everyone has heard this stated from a pulpit a time or two. So what is the house of God? Where is the house of God? Is it a carnal religious system? Do a church study and you will find that some of the carnal religious systems have been around for over a thousand years and are still functioning today. The biggest needs of today are spiritual discernment, the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits working within us and a clear understanding of Father's will and purpose.

When we use methods like "smooth sailing" to determine God's approval (blessing) and "tempest storms" as God's disapproval (punishment) we are simply being carnal minded. Brother Paul endured all manner of difficulty, was he being judged?

When we can only see God moving in natural phenomena, we are falling short of His will and purpose. Jesus said that Father is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. The new testament scriptures are full of instruction about being led by HolySpirit. So to form an opinion concerning America's standing with God on what the dollar is doing is not very accurate or timely.

I would also be very careful not to get carried away with this type of so-called prophetic ministry, where we figure out who,when and where God's judgement is falling on next. This can lead to the same attitude that Jonah had when God chose to show mercy to those in Nineveh.

So lets all grow in grace and knowledge together until Christs full stature is seen in us.
response to Golden Calf

Glory to God. Your article is very insightful, and for me very true. I have been saying the same things since about 1989, in “the church that is is their house“(ie:Bible study). The world(stock)market is the great harlot, and many oversees have modified so much righteousness to accommodate sin, that many professing Christians are settled and spoiled in a cheap faith, and a no cost salvation.
What the individuals do, the nation becomes; and many in our nation have loved this secular worlds ways, and have been on the cutting edge of advancing more and more secular practices and principles, and as for professing Christians, many have gone along for the ride. As for Truth, it is thrown down in the streets, and as you had said, an unmovable stand needs to be taken for the love of the Truth in Christ Jesus. No more softness and flattery should be spoken, rather as Paul was with the Corinthians, we “should use sharpness”, and “not spare”, and “bewail many”; for the Truth´s sake, and no longer spare for hurting people´s feeling´s, because they need to hear the whole Truth of a matter, and no more word´s to persuade them to stay. Christ would never do that, rather He would tell the Truth of a matter, and if some did not like it, they may leave, for Christ´s Church is a voluntary one.
This discussion should continue, because many have turned aside to vain jangling, and no longer endure sound doctrine, and have turned their ears from the Truth, and have turned to fables; Why? Because they´ve become too accustomed to loving pleasures more than loving God, and are no longer content with food, clothes, and shelter, which are the only necessities in life; and to condescend(lower themselves)to men of low estate. Christ said that He is the one at the table serving, not the one being served; so then what ought we do?
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
America is being punished, it has turned away from God. God has been banned from pretty much everywhere. You cant even mention his name in schools. Look up on Youtube "Bohemian Grove" to see what our leaders are getting up to and you get an idea of where the country is headed. It's not just the USA, Europe is a key player too, and the two are very closely linked. All of these troubles are only being used to drive us further into Satans arms, and with that the New World Order. Again do a search on Youtube and you will start to see just how hard politicians are pushing for the NWO, rapidly stealing countries sovereignty (George Bush did just that in 2005! And Gordon Brown for England this year!!). People are going to turn away from God. Already they are chipping away at our understanding of the Bible and sound doctrine, thus we have no basis for our faith, accepting garbage such as evolution as fact. It's quite right that this is happening on a global scale, but the key players are the USA and Europe. We are on the brink of very dark times. Our leaders are already starting to have us chipped. All they need is chaos and panic to
ensure the rest.

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