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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ladylovesJesus, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. i want to say a big thank you to those responsible for this wonderful site. i am so amazed by what i have seen so far and so much to look at here for a christian site this is truly wonderful and a blessing to our Lord. i found the tj radio today and it is great :star: :love: it i hope this is the right place to post this message as this is only my second day looking around. God bless you all.
  2. Yes ladylovesJesus, you did a good job posting in the right thread. And I agree it's a wonderful forum.
  3. God bless you sister. Thanks for posting this feedback.
  4. I agree ladylovesJesus - it is a wonderful site. Sometimes I think I live here.
  5. Amen

    Nice to meet you

    Blessings :girl_hug:

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