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Amazing Grace

Hi everyone
Let me start my introduction with this:
I used to be on “the other side”, but God gave me a wakeup call, now I consider the old me dead. My NEW birth was in November 2004 – hence the Nick, I’m still learning to walk in this new life.

The best way to describe the way I feel currently, in a song I used to hate, “Amazing Grace”.

I thank God for you guys running this site where more information is available to me and others like me, and hope I can share what I’m learning currently with everyone in the world.

First of all I want to say 'hi' and welcome to our forum! I understand you perfectly, because I know how you are feeling. I was also a 'dead' person in the past, but the merciful Lord made me realize how wrong I was and how much I made Him suffer by my mistakes. Now my life is very different and, as you said, I'm keep learning each day more and more of how to live a life in Christ.God bless you!

Praise the Lord

PS 'Amazing grace' is also one of my favourite songs! :love:

Welcome Alwaysfalling. Glad you found us. God Grace is really amazing, He always finds us and brings us home to Him, right where we belong. Please feel free to join us in chat when you can.
God Bless you.
Brother Always ... I am happy to hear from you and also to welcome you to talkjesus . I look foreward to reading you're post , and I want you to know that if you need anything , just write me . BROTHER
hi @always, welcome to this wonderful page with beautiful people in heart and mind. . .
Help us grow with your attendance, tell us how we can serve you with all of our love :love:
May God bless your life, everytime you are in here, may he help you daily, whereever you are. . .
your sis in christ, peeps
Staff Member
Hello always, GOD bless you and thanks for joining the site.
Very happy for you!

I love hearing stories from new beleivers. Through Jesus, God gives us that "Amazing Grace"!
Be blessed,